Emmy Awards 2010: The Liveblog

by TWoP Staff August 29, 2010
Emmy Awards 2010

10:50 - Finally! Real awards are back! Selleck and his mustache here to tell us what the best drama series is.

10:51 - It's Mad Men. Oh, you mean that show I missed tonight to find out about who is good at writing miniseries?

10:56 - No, you did not sleep through Best Comedy Series. For whatever reason they shook things up this year and swapped its place with Best Drama. Extremely awesome Ted Danson here to present!

10:56 - And Modern Family beats Curb, 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, The Office and, most importantly, Glee. Not really a shock here either, and it's certainly deserved since, you know, Glee is not really a comedy.

Overall, that was one of the most tolerable Emmys proceedings ever. Great job, guys! Goodnight!

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