Emmy Awards 2010: The Liveblog

by TWoP Staff August 29, 2010
Emmy Awards 2010

8:30 - Fallon introduces, via a lengthy bit of word-association, Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham, who get their own awful banter to announce that the winners of Best Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy... already got their Emmys. (Neil Patrick Harris and Betty White, for those who weren't keeping score at home.) Oh, but they're also announcing the Best Directing in a Comedy, and it's Ryan Murphy! Announcer John Hodgman (I may not have mentioned him yet) gets in a great joke about how, before Nip/Tuck, Hollywood had never heard of plastic surgery. Zing! To be honest, of all the reasons to like Ryan Murphy, his talents has a director isn't one of them. Oh well.

8:37 - This sketch about introducing new gimmicks to Modern Family is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Even Stewie from Family Guy made me laugh. Unprecedented!

8:39 Lead Actor in a Comedy Series! Jim Parsons, Tony Shalhoub, Larry David, Matthew Morrison, Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin are the nominees, and Jim Parsons wins it! Woo-hoo! Yes, because he's awesome, but also because I didn't really want any of those other guys to win. Like, at all.

8:44 - NPH is back, bitches! He starts things off by calling Jimmy gay, then gets right down to Best Lead Actress in a Comedy. Collette. Falco, Fey. Louis-Dreyfus. Michele. Poehler. And it's Edie Falco! She says this is ridiculous, and that she's not funny. But her show is. Mostly. Which is why, we assume, Matthew Morrison was nominated in his category. That guy has never done a funny thing on Glee, ever. Also, according to, Falco is the first performer to win lead Emmys for consecutive regular series roles -- and the first actress to win for comedy and dramatic series roles. Nice!

8:47 - Comedy is over, except for Best Comedy, so Jimmy has busted out the guitar (again...) to announce Reality segment with a Kardashian. Do not ask me which one (I think it's the one whose first name starts with a K). Cue long reality show montage that, depending on your age and/or level of pretension, makes you either bemused or sad.

8:50 - Will Arnett and Keri Russell, who are weeks away from a massive train wreck called Running Wilde, announce the nominees for Best Reality - Competition, which is a funny category name, because voting on the Best Reality sounds like something people should do on Lost. Top Chef, DWTS, Runway, Idol and Race are the usual suspects, but in a stunning upset, Top Chef wins it! Seriously, this is the first year Race hasn't won it since the category was created in 2003. The backlash has landed! Also, that was a pretty lame season.

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