It's a Mad, Mad Rockin World

by TWoP Staff September 22, 2008
Emmy Awards 2008: Live Blog stuck on what to do in a scene, her husband tells her to act like Julia. Julia throws the camera a thumbs-up.

10:43 - Jimmy Kimmel is on stage to present the Emmy to one of the reality hosts. Ironically, because of the time crunch, we haven't seen much of them for the last hour or two. Jimmy judges them all as if they're actually competing on a reality show, and I'll say this for the reality show hosts -- they have good sense of humor. Jimmy tells them that they are all in the final two, somehow, and then reveals that the winner is... going to be revealed after this commercial break? You're kidding me, right? What a fricking gyp.

10:47 - Gah! That stupid Macy's commercial again. Go away, Jessica Simpson!

10:49 - I'm surprised everyone hasn't already left the building by the time Jimmy Kimmel announces that the winner is Jeff Probst. Jeff says he'll keep his speech short, because he knows that the five of them have caused it to run long. Way to take the blame, Jeff.

10:51 - Mary Tyler Moore comes out after a clip (why not cut the clips, if you're running so long?) in a sleeveless dress that really shows off her incredibly horrifyingly skinny, bony arms. She, in turn, brings out Betty White, who's been doing TV for 60 years herself (again, why not just bring them out together and save time?), and the two of them announce the winner of the Best Comedy Series. It's 30 Rock! Second year in a row! Tina Fey can't believe she just got an award from those two, then tells the world everywhere they can watch 30 Rock, successfully placing a big ol' 30 Rock advertisement on ABC without paying for it. Booyah!

10:55 - Tom Selleck comes out and gets right to the point with the last award: Mad Men is the year's Best Drama, after only its first year on the air. The whole cast comes up, and they all look very nice, and it's all very special.

10:58 - Jeff Probst reaps the Best Reality Host benefits and gets to close out the show with no time left. He says "good night." Way to go, Jeff. I'm going to go and weep into my pillow for the three hours I just spent watching a largely unfunny awards ceremony, and blame you.

Watch video of Heidi Klum, Ricky Gervais and Jane Krakowski on the red carpet. Then see who looked the best on the red carpet, and what the highlights of the night were.

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