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by TWoP Staff September 22, 2008
Emmy Awards 2008: Live Blog

10:21 - That bad ass bitch Glenn Close is here! She's talking about the election for some reason, but also finds some time to present the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. Paul Giamatti will win this, clearly. And win it, he does! Tom Hanks is seen whistling with his fingers in his mouth like hicks in cartoons when sexy lady Bugs Bunny walks by. Paul Giamatti is very grateful and also makes a joke about the election that has little to do with television or his win.

10:25 - Candice Bergen has graced us with her presence and the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Alec Baldwin has this one pretty much sewn up, hopefully, but it's nice to acknowledge other people with acting jobs on television. Haha, what if Charlie Sheen won? The world would end. Anyway, the illustrious Alec Baldwin has won! And Tina looks so proud I could shed a tear. But I won't, because there's no crying in blogging.

10:27 - Uh-oh, Vanessa Williams' microphone is turned off! We can't hear her, or apparently America Ferrara, so we go right to the nominees for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Glenn Close takes it! Wow, she's been nominated 11 times? She's giggling up a storm. She announces that she's part of the Sisterhood of TV Drama Divas, and says that Helen Mirren is also a member. Great, now Mirren's got to go into protective custody. Smooth move, Close.

10:29 - In Memoriam. Charlton Heston. Bozo the Clown. Estelle Getty. Sydney Pollack. Bernie Mac. Suzanne Pleshette. Dick Martin. Harvey Korman, talking into a banana. Stan Winston. Tim Russert. Isaac Hayes. George Carlin. Wait, why was Harvey Korman talking into a banana? When was that ever funny? They should have showed a clip of him from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Now that would have had people weeping in the aisles.

10:37 - Kiefer Sutherland is here, and because he is well aware of how precious time is, he leads right into announcing the Best Actor in a Drama nominees: Gabriel Byrne, Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie and James Spader. Wait, why are there six nominees, again? Was there a tie for fifth place? Anyway, Bryan Cranston wins it! I'll have to actually watch that show now. He's a meth dealer, right?

10:40 - It's Brooke Shields and Craig Ferguson! And Craig Ferguson is touching Brooke's ass. For a joke, apparently. The Best Actress in a Comedy nominees are Christina Applegate, America Ferrera, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mary-Louise Parker. And Tina Fey takes it! Why is no one surprised? She reveals to the world that whenever she's

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