Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

Cut to Hood and the girl in a sunny park, clearly at least a week in the future. She thanks him for saving her and laments that because of the experiment, she now can't have any more children. Hood tries to comfort her, offering, "More love for the one you have," and we cut to expressionless boy going down a slide all "Yay! More love for me!" Or it could just be, "Yay! Super fun slide!" It's hard to tell, but seeing an expression I can finally recognize on him is quite an acting breakthrough for this kid, so bravo, young man.

Rachel walks up with a very important cell phone that she hands to Hood and he is like, we have to go, there is a "very delicate" situation to tend to! It's next week's case! And we're out. Wouldn't it have been nice if The X-Files had been as popular when it was on as it is in this current pilot season? Just saying.

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