Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

And now they have this to deal with. The dirtbag ex shows up at pregnant girl's apartment for some reason, but fortunately Hayward and the girl are gone, and only creepy fake nurse and the expressionless boy are there. The dirtbag gets a little too surly and inquisitive, so creepy fake nurse stabs him in the neck with a pair of scissors. But it's CBS, so you don't get to see it go in or anything. Awesome squishing sound effects, though.

Hood and Rachel arrive at the apartment now to find the dirtbag alone and amazingly still alive! He's left the scissors in his neck, which is the only thing keeping him alive. Rachel checks the bathroom, but unbelievably does not check behind the damn door, which, I mean, I didn't go to cop school or anything, but I really think that checking the most obvious hiding place in a room is somewhere in the curriculum. Anyway, someone emerges from behind the door, which startles everyone, but it's just expressionless boy, so all is well.

It's a little while later, and an ambulance has taken the dirtbag away. Hood asks McNeil to do him a favor and steal some evidence for him, and he does.

Now we're at the emergency C-section, where Hayward is trying to convince creepy fake nurse to give Geppetto up to the Feds to save themselves. Creepy fake nurse pretends to agree, and then stabs him in the neck with a syringe the second his back is turned, Dexter-style. He crumples to the floor.

Hood and Rachel are back at the billionaire's house. He's wallowing in his son's old room in anticipation of his new clone baby's birth, and Hood lectures him on all manner of ethical and logical things, and finally shoves the stolen evidence in his hands, one of the fetus jars. This convinces him that the clone baby won't be exactly like his dead son because life experiences make up a person, not just DNA. We also find out that Hood's wife died a few years ago, which'll probably come up even more often than Rachel's sass in upcoming episodes. The billionaire tells them where the pregnant girl is.

They arrive at the clinic to hear the sound of flatlining. A middle-aged blonde woman is working on the pregnant girl, trying to revive her. She sends Rachel to go find some O Negative blood, and she and Hood work together to revive the girl. She informs him that she lost the baby hours ago, but that there's still a chance to save her. While Rachel is off blood-hunting, creepy fake nurse shows up for a scalpel fight! Rachel easily defeats her. In the meantime, Hood figures out that the blonde woman is Geppetto! And that she is the one Hood has been chasing all this time! He is shocked by this! She curtly ends the exposition with, "Nice to finally meet you, Dr. Hood," and calmly walks out of the room, leaving Hood stranded with the dying girl. Rachel runs back in, and they combine forces. Magically, the CPR works, and the girl is livin' and breathin' just like the rest of us.

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