Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

Pregnant girl is now sleeping in a hospital room. As people are wont to do on TV, when she wakes up she immediately pulls all the IVs and tubes and stuff out of her and runs out the front door.

Back at Hood's hotel room, he's explaining cloning to Rachel with a pair of tweezers and some grapes. I think this is another one for the mentally deficient audience, so let's just skip it. Moving on.

McNeil, Rachel and Hood have found out about the pregnant girl at the hospital and chat with her doctor. They find out she's suffering from placenta previa, which, as we heard before, could kill her if she goes into labor.

Back at Hood's hotel room. He wants to go harass the billionaire they found at the library, and Rachel thinks that's a retarded idea, considering they have no proof. Then she storms off and passes out in her room.

Meanwhile, the fraudulence of TV infomercials drives Hood to drink, so he sneaks away to the hotel bar. He also accidentally activates his panic button once he sits down there, causing Rachel to kick in his hotel room door in her undies, and search the entire hotel until she finds him at the bar. They are both embarrassed, and Hood actually does seem to be genuinely sorry about the gaffe. I'd still kick his ass if I were her.

It's morning, and Hood has somehow convinced Rachel to go accuse the billionaire of cloning his dead son and leaving countless dead mothers in his wake. It's kind of insensitive, but we're in the home stretch of the episode, so it's not like they're going to be wrong about this. They walk in, introduce themselves, notice a Westec brochure on his coffee table, accuse him, he fairly convincingly pretends to be offended and throws them out.

Before they leave, Rachel steals one of his house phones, and once in their parked car they take the phone off the hook and listen in on his distress call to Dr. Hayward and creepy fake nurse. He tells them to cut the pregnant girl loose, and creepy fake nurse says they can't do that because this fetus is the most viable one yet.

Hayward and creepy fake nurse arrive at pregnant girl's apartment, and she is in freaking labor. She demands a hospital, and Hayward calls the billionaire to inform him that she needs an emergency C-section. The billionaire responds that "Geppetto wants to be present at the birth," so either he is not Geppetto, or he refers to himself in third person. Both possibilities are equally viable at this point. Hayward says he can take her to an abandoned clinic he knows of, but that he'll need cash up front. Billionaire is like, bitch, please, it's already done.

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