Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

Cut to pregnant girl's apartment, who is in some serious pregnant-lady distress. She's in crazy pain and "bleeding really badly," all over her couch, to be exact. She calls the conscience-having doctor and he tells her to stay where she is and not go to the hospital. This, for some reason, does not really concern her. She does what he says.

Hood and Rachel's hotel. Another one of Rachel's pluck exposition scenes. A guy tries to hit on her, she tells him she'll bust a cap in his ass and continues working on some paperwork. Oh so much moxie!

Hood shows up with Hefeweisens and they decide that Geppetto may not just be a clever name. It might be a man who's lost a son and is trying to clone him. Wow. I know TV time restrictions require procedural characters to figure stuff out quickly, but good lord. I'd think "maybe it's a toymaker who's trying to build a clone army of scientists to bring his puppets to life!" at least for a second before I arrived at their conclusion. Anyway, off to the library for Rachel and Hood!

And we're back at pregnant lady's apartment, where she is still in bad shape. She is puking and in a lot of pain, so she directs her son (who oddly has no facial expressions, by the way. Hey, he must be related to Blake Lively!) to give her the phone.

Back at the library, Rachel and Hood are looking up rich people who've lost a son in the past few years. They are looking at physical newspapers and not microfilm, which seems weird, but I haven't done research in a library since I was 16, so who knows what they do now. The good news is, they think they found the guy! A billionaire who attempted suicide three times after his son passed away. I say hang 'im, he's guilty!

Pregnant girl is now at the hospital, and you know she's just never going to hear the end of it from the fake nurse and conscience doctor. She's being rushed down a corridor, so we'll find out what's up with her situation later.

Hood's hotel room. Rachel is checking all the obvious hiding places, making sure the room is secure, and finally leaves him with a panic button and a cover name, "Mr. Jones."

She trots on down to the hotel lounge to meet McNeil, who has the skinny on conscience doctor. He's a disgraced obstetrician named Sydney Hayward, who went off the medical grid two years ago. She is appreciative of the info. McNeil also uncovered that Rachel is FBI Executive Protection Detail, which is apparently quite impressive. He then makes the mistake of asking her to have a drink with him, and she says, "I said, 'I owe you one. I never said I'd give you one.'" And he just shakes his head and grins like, "Damn! Her moxie-meter is off the charts, CBS! You have outdone yourselves!"

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