Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

Hood and Rachel are checking into a swanky hotel, and explaining to McNeil that a judge won't charge the pickup driver with accessory to murder because disposing of medical waste is not a crime, even if it is fetuses. Hood ponders how you would keep 19 mothers quiet (I'm going to tell you right now, without having seen the rest of the episode yet -- ya kill 'em.), and now we're in a makeshift hospital room, where the pregnant girl from before is getting a sonogram. She's saying she'd hate for "that childless couple" to lose this baby, but mostly that she needs all the money they're paying her so she can move away from her dirtbag ex. Of course, there's drama with the pregnancy. Basically, if she goes into labor, she will die, but the "nurse" from the bathroom says it's way too early to do an emergency Cesarean (apparently preemies don't do as well on whatever black market they're selling these on). The doctor tells her he doesn't want "another" dead mother on his conscience, and the nurse just kind of rolls her eyes at him like, "You candy ass," and walks away.

Establishing shots of Seattle, then we see the pickup driver intercepted on the street by Hood and Rachel. And by "intercepted," I mean kneed in the crotch by Rachel. They drag him into an empty church (what? They rent the place out? Federal spending is out of control, I tell you), and make him kneel in front of a crucifix and basically tell him Jesus will break up with him if he doesn't tell them who paid him to dispose of the jars. He gives them the name "Geppetto," and I don't know why, but that just seriously creeped me out.

He takes them to a warehouse, where they find the makeshift hospital room from the previous scene empty. There are also mannequins everywhere. I do not know why. In the hospital room they find a container marked "Westec" whose label alleges that it's full of oh my God! Ew! Bovine semen. If these are mancow babies they're making... then this is the greatest show ever! Boo, Hood says the label is just a cover. Do not dash my mancow baby dreams, Hood! Suddenly, our doctor with a conscience shows up and takes off sprinting at the sight of them. Rachel chases him, shooting up his car, but he gets away. She also yells at Hood for trying to help. He got the license plate though, so she can't really get that mad.

A team is at the warehouse now, and Hood is explaining to Rachel that they'd need more than just a doctor to pull this operation off, they'd need a scientist! Then they go to Westec to talk to a very sassy doctor, who is really unimpressed by both of them. She says she's not going to track a bovine semen label because that's impossible BYE! So they leave without a fight. Doctor's orders.

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