Fall Pilot Season: Eleventh Hour

by Mindy Monez October 10, 2008
Eleventh Hour Premiere

He explains to McNeil that what we have here is a scientific case, because that brown rectangular nonsense he was examining before was the DNA profiles of each of the 19 fetuses. He stacks them up together and we see that they are all the same pattern, meaning they are all the same fetus. What we've got here is some clones, people! Ohhh nooooooo! He's right, this is scientific! Opening credits time! They are about four seconds long, and now we're in commercials land.

Back at the crime scene, Rachel Young is explaining to McNeil that Hood is a brilliant biophysicist, but that he tends to uncover the truth too often and blab to the world about it (some people!). This causes certain individuals to desire to harm him, so she's been assigned to watch his back. Then she tells him no, she's "not free for dinner," before he even asks, which is awfully presumptuous, and the kind of thing that's going to happen a lot in this episode, because CBS seems to be terrified that there might be people who still don't get that this girl's got pluck, even after that evidence tent scene. ["Or she's seen a lot of episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and knows that Riley (Marc Blucas) has a thing for strong women who can kick his ass." -- Angel]

Space Needle establishing shots. A young pregnant girl is in a grocery store frantically looking for her son David, but quickly finds him talking to some white trash guy who turns out to be the child's father. She has a restraining order against him, but he's all like, "I do what I want!" and then starts throwing her around the store until a very brave middle-aged woman steps in and scares him away.

Back at the forest crime scene. McNeil is explaining to Hood that the pickup driver is an unemployed security guard with no priors, and that someone was paying him to incinerate the containers, but that once he figured out they were full of fetuses he couldn't go through with it. He's a devout Catholic, you see. That wasn't a tasteless joke, by the way; he really is a devout Catholic. That's what all the crucifixes were about. Hood explains he's been chasing someone for a very long time, and this looks like this person's work.

The pregnant girl and her son are in the grossest bathroom I've ever seen, and a woman enters to the girl's screaming protest, "I trusted you people!" And the woman is like, "I know, right?! I'm going to be your nurse now, everything's fine." I bet it's not, though.

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