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The Case of the Unknown Twin
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We open in a rehab meeting. I don't know what they're actually called. It's one of those deals where someone stands up and tells stories about how their addiction affected their lives. A "support group meeting"? Anyway, Holmes and Watson are sitting in the traditional uncomfortable chairs while a young man tells them (and us) that he's been sober for a specific length of time. He goes into detail, but it isn't very interesting. And that's not just my opinion! Holmes shows absolutely no facial expression or reaction. Apparently he repeats "amygdala" to himself until he hypnotizes himself, then he just rides the trance through the entire meeting. If you're curious, the "amygdala" is the part of the brain that is involved in emotional learning, so he's literally using the name of the thing to keep it from working.

After the meeting, Holmes explains his "attic theory" of the brain. He finds it essential not to allow useless facts into his brain, because they'll push out the useful facts. He demonstrates this by stealing drinks from a surprisingly patient lady at a sidewalk cafe. You see, brains are like glasses and facts are like liquids. If you pour too much in, they'll overflow! I want to know more about this woman who has nothing to say about a crazy man stealing her drinks and pouring them into each other.

They get home and Watson tells Holmes she'll be going out to dinner with a friend later on. Holmes is lavishly sarcastic about how she could possibly leave him alone for two hours, but she assures him he'll get a drug test as soon as she gets back. But! Just then! Holmes gets a call from Gregson, which means the game? It's afoot.

The scene: an apartment building. The victim: some guy with a bullet hole in his forehead. He's outside his actual apartment, out in the hallway. The police figure he interrupted a robber, who shot him. Gregson introduces Detective Bell, who's this week's Doubting Cop. Do you think we're going to get a new Doubting Cop every episode? Or is it going to be like the first season of Batman: The Animated Series, where that one cop was suspicious of Batman the whole time, even though Batman was always right and kept saving his life?

Anyway, Bell claims he's heard good things about Holmes. And now, onto the case at hand. There's a neighbor down the hall who called 911. Watson says she'll wait in the hall, because now she's queasy about dead bodies or something. Holmes looks at the blood spray on the wall and sniffs the furniture. Then he shouts at Bell to tell him that it wasn't a robbery-homicide. It was two separate crimes! His evidence is that the shot came from the direction of a chair, so the killer was sitting down, rather than being surprised in the middle of a robbery. Also, he can smell a lady's deodorant in the chair where the shooter was sitting. Meanwhile, the robbery was committed by a strong man. The evidence: he didn't just steal a wallet and a watch. He stole a heavy armoire.

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