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Hack the Planet!
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A moody voiceover reads out something being written on a tablet. The gist of it is that Ezra Kleinfelter will soon be revealing his country's secrets. He's doing it in the back of a taxi, and his card is declined. And then police cars pull up behind him and he decides that "they" have frozen his accounts. Even though the police walk into the building instead of arresting him, he sends an email and gets out and runs. That's definitely going to get the police's attention.

A playground. Watson volunteers to watch the place, and she tells her companion that she gets texts from Holmes. It's a picture of a dollhouse for Watson to make a flash analysis, because somebody saw that documentary. She decides it was a medical OD. Watson's companion tells her to find time for herself and keep her options open, and Watson is distracted by a picture of dolls killed by a gas leak. Watson has been signed up for True Romantix, a dating site. The next picture is of a staged suicide, because no one sticks their head in an oven anymore.

Watson comes home to find an old man at a backgammon board. Holmes introduces Mr. Mueller, who has declined to state his business until she got home. Mueller says that Ezra Kleinfelter leaked a dossier of state secrets and might leak more. I'd try to do a joke about how Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Julian Assange and also plays Sherlock Holmes, but I tried that last week with the cryptography plot and also got nowhere. Mueller represents a consortium of Belgians concerned about Kleinfelter's safety, because they think some of the people hunting him might not be after a fair trial. They'd like Kleinfelter delivered to them so they can take him to an embassy. Holmes takes the case immediately and ushers Mueller out the door.

Once he's gone, Watson complains that they're not supposed to aid and abet fugitives. Sure, but who else needs aiding and abetting? Holmes snuck a picture of Mueller, so he could send it to someone who can search up his face. He's confident that Mueller is lying, because "no Belgian is that bad at backgammon." They follow him through the city streets as he talks on his phone. Holmes's contact reports that Mueller is Elliot Honeycutt, and he has a dossier that exactly fills a telephone screen. He entered Officers' Candidate School in 1975, then he joined Special Forces, then he was trained in marksmanship and enhanced interrogation theory, worked as a Systems Analyst at a CIA front, and now he's Vice President of "Corporate Counterintelligence" at Redding Enterprises, which recently employed Kleinfelter. Holmes's conclusion is that he intends to eliminate Kleinfelter.

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