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For Whom the Bell Tolls

So there you go: the trial is because Bell got shot protecting Holmes from somebody who got all riled up by Holmes being Holmes.

The trial is over, and the judge will rule in the morning. Holmes is sitting pensively in the courtroom. Watson leaves to go talk to Bell, although Holmes will not be joining her.

Bell is sitting up when Watson gets there. He's got some movement back in his arm, but he's also got a lot of trembling. The word is that he "might get better." Watson has some mildly reassuring words about nerve damage, but he's concerned that he won't be allowed to be a detective anymore if he can't carry a gun.

Brownstone. Holmes practices single-stick with more violence than usual, and Watson encourages him to visit Bell rather than just practice left-handed. He insists that he has no medical advice to give, and that it would just be an invasion of Bell's privacy. She thinks this is about Holmes feeling guilt, but Holmes can't think of anything he'd say to Bell aside from banal bromides. Watson thinks that's enough. She leaves, and he throws the stick to the floor.

The trial comes to its conclusion. The judge rules that Holmes and Watson are very clever and very useful to the police department, that Bell's shooting was an unfortunate thing that can happen in the course of police duties, and that he's recommending to the commissioner that Holmes and Watson be "terminated" as consultants. Holmes looks behind him as Gregson and Watson leave. Ms. Walker stands before Holmes, and he tells her that gloating is unbecoming of the good work she did. Instead, she invites him to come to a meeting with her. It's good thinking; this is the sort of situation that can be hard for an addict to get through.

Bell's in his bed, watching basketball. The commissioner comes in and talks about the Giants, which is an amusing misstep, since they're not even a basketball team. He's here to talk about the judge's recommendation. Firing Holmes could re-open all his cases, but Holmes is clearly a loose cannon. He's here to ask Bell for his advice. Both because he got shot and because he's worked with Holmes a lot.

Later, Holmes comes to visit Bell, who's having trouble with his trembling right hand. The commissioner decided not to terminate him, but he'll have a little additional oversight. Holmes claims not to know why he changes his mind. He thanks Bell for intervening, and he apologizes for not doing the actual research instead of stealing Dylan's phone, and for provoking Dylan in his workplace. Then he brings up the palsy in Bell's hand; he offers to send him to a great clinic in Gstaad, or to bring the specialist to New York. Bell's voice cracks a little as he says he doesn't want a favor from Holmes. Indeed, he doesn't even want to see Holmes in the hospital. Bell leaves, and Holmes sits alone.

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