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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Watson is on the stand. Ms. Walker asks if Watson would agree that she and her partner have been at crime scenes ahead of the police. Watson backs up Watson's "cute puppy" story and denies stealing James Dylan's cell phone. She has no further questions, but Holmes wants to cross-examine. He asks how Watson and her partner went about finding the real killer. This should speed up the storytelling considerably! Watson explains that to use potassium chloride the way the killer did suggested a medical background. They went to the morgue and studied Rada's body, although it had been autopsied and dissected. So at the morgue, each internal organ was in its own bag. Holmes has her jump ahead.

Watson observes that the shotgun must have been right at the heart, perhaps to obliterate evidence. A microscope showed dilated cardiomyopathy: her heart was enlarged. But it wouldn't have been a result of her cancer. Holmes asks what Watson thinks could have been caused the enlarged heart, and the answer is that it could be the cancer treatment, especially an experimental drug trial she was in. So Phineas Hobbs had a motive to kill her if he could destroy the heart.

Police station. Hobbs wants a lawyer. He stands up, and Holmes pushes him down, demonstrating that his shoulder is hurt, possibly from shooting a shotgun. He and Watson double-team him, explaining how he knew Silas was crazy and got him to the scene and then sent him to the police station, hoping he'd get gunned down. Holmes says that Hobbs also cut his finger on the trigger, and Bell confirms that they found some blood in the shotgun shells in Silas's pockets. In the courtroom, Watson says that Hobbs confessed and is going to hail.

Ms. Walker's redirect is just the question, "Then what happened?" She wants to know what happened when they left the station. So Watson takes up the story. She, Holmes, and Bell left the station, arguing about single-stick fighting (Holmes's favorite sport) vs. basketball (Bell's). They're confronted by James Dylan, who's angry because he got fired as a result of Holmes mouthing off at his work. And his boss went to his parole officer, so he's going back to jail. Holmes says that's regrettable, which does not console Dylan. He pulls a gun and shoots at Holmes, but Bell jumps in the way. And because they're right outside the police station, there are a lot of police officers ready to shoot Dylan down. Holmes looks shaken. In the courtroom, Watson looks sad. Ms. Walker has no further questions.

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