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For Whom the Bell Tolls

They go outside. Dylan says he was having a drink at a place called Sharkey's when Rada died. Being in a bar was a violation of his parole, but there are a dozen people who can vouch for him. In the courtroom, Holmes says that the alibi checked out, so Dylan was no longer a suspect. Ms. Walker says that it's a crime to steal private property, but Holmes didn't technically steal it. And he didn't tell the parole officer, so there wasn't any harm done.

So Holmes and Watson went back to the brownstone, where Holmes occupied himself by weighing things. In Silas's ramblings, he said he was summoned to the site, and his phone shows an incoming call at 8:40. But the neighbors heard a car backfiring at 7:35, and that was probably the shotgun blast. Do cars still backfire all the time? I thought fuel injection fixed that. Watson wonders why someone would wait an hour to call someone in. Holmes wonders why there was so much potassium in the body, but it's apparently because you get extra potassium in your body after death. Watson forms a theory that someone killed Rada, then waited an hour for potassium to build up, which would conceal an already elevated level of potassium. They can test this by checking the vitreous fluid in Rada's eyes.

Back to the courtroom. The vitreous fluid confirmed that Rada had been killed with an overdose of potassium chloride, which exonerated Silas Cole, who was just a delusional person with no capacity to plan an elaborate murder. Ms. Walker pounces on Holmes for smiling at the idea of freeing an innocent man. She asks what all this has to do with what happened to Detective Bell, and he gives an impassioned speech about how it has to matter than a mentally ill person is not currently under arrest. Holmes points out that a lot of innocent people have been freed by him and his partner, for no charge. He says a "thank you" would be nice, and Ms. Walker ladles on the sarcasm as she says she'll communicate that to Marcus Bell in his hospital bed.

Brownstone. But in the "current" timeline, not in the "five days ago" timeline. Court is over for the day, I guess. Bell is stable, but he's being kept in his hospital bed. Holmes is making Yorkshire pudding because it calms him. But he throws it away right away because he hates eating them. Watson rips into him about how he's forcing her to lie about open doors and cute puppies. She asks if the way Bell got shot makes him question their methods, and he insists that they follow a morality that supersedes any employee manual. And the viewer, of course, cannot have an opinion because they're talking about something that hasn't happened on the show yet. Television shows are really overusing this technique of telling a story completely out of order in an attempt to manufacture drama. Holmes insists that you can't live life by a rulebook.

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