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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Back to the case, and the flashback. The crazy person is called "The Knight," and he's in the interrogation chamber. He can only talk about his sworn duty and a lair, which Watson diagnoses as being from a psychotic episode. Holmes digs through his coat to find two receipts from a coffee shop, but it's in a very populated part of town. Watson, however has results: their Knight is named Silas Cole. She texted his picture to a friend who works in the psych E.R., which sounds like a really stressful job. Holmes alerts Gregson, who says they'll get a warrant for his home.

Silas has a giant painting on his wall. There's him as a knight, and he's cut the head off a woman who's dressed as a queen. The face on the painting matches the photographs on the wall of Silas and his girlfriend. A necklace suggests her name starts with "R". Bell finds some fashion magazines that were sent to Rada Hollingsworth, who lives on 23rd street.

Back to the courtroom. Ms. Walker makes a point of giving Bell credit for identifying Rada, and Holmes says he's always regarded Bell as being "several standard deviations above the norm." And when they got to Rada's home, her door was, of course, wide open.

We see the police, led by Bell, enter Rada's home. Bell calls Holmes and Watson in, and they find her dead on the floor in the living room. There's a lot of blood on her throat and there are bloody footprints on the ground, but Holmes isn't convinced Silas did it.

Ms. Walker is skeptical that Holmes's first thought would be that Silas didn't kill her. Holmes corrects her that he, in fact, normally has several thoughts in rapid succession. Specifically, Rada had been shot in the chest, obliterating her heart. And a knight wouldn't do that. Silas had said, in the course of his ramblings, that he killed her to save her soul. But his delusion would not let him destroy her heart, because that would have affected her heart. Silas's confession would have been in diminished capacity. Watson enters the courtroom, which she's not supposed to do, because she's the next witness. But she has an urgent message for Gregson, whose phone is off. Although Holmes asks what's going on, Watson and Gregson leave without enlightening him, because he's supposed to be giving testimony.

Watson has taken Gregson to a hospital because she got a text from someone named Gretchen. Gretchen says that there was a blood clot while trying to fix an abdominal gunshot wound. They're pointedly not saying who got shot, but there's only one male member of the regular cast that hasn't been seen yet, so it's no surprise that it's Bell. He might recover fully or he might never regain use of his limb. This episode is really going out of its way to tell things in a weird order.

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