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For Whom the Bell Tolls
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Gregson opens the episode with word about the mayor's reelection campaign, but a crazy person wanders in. He babbles about how he killed the queen, and he turns out to have a shotgun. So his rambling about being "the night" suddenly seems much more important. Holmes is in the next room, and a whispered conversation with Gregson results in him being given permission to do...something. Holmes walks in and starts talking to the crazy person about the scarf on his wrist, but he breaks into a coughing fit. And the coughing fit cuts to Holmes as a witness in a trial, also coughing. He starts to resume, but the lawyer questioning him wants to hear about the James Dylan case, not the Rada Hollingsworth murder. Holmes, of course, thinks the two cases are inextricable, and he will not be bullied into explaining only one thing when he could explain two.

So, back to the police station. The scarf came from the crazy person's "queen," and Holmes utilizes his obsession with the Knight's Code to sneak close enough to let the police tackle him. The scarf would have been a token from his lady. Watson asks where the woman might be, and Gregson praises Holmes effusively. But in the courtroom, the judge requests that Holmes confine himself to things that actually happened, rather than making up things he wishes Gregson had said. Holmes suggests that the trial is only an administrative hearing, and that the judge is not, in all respects, a "real judge," which is obviously going to cause trouble. The judge says they're here because Holmes screwed up, and he's here to determine if he and Watson may continue their relationship with the city. Thanks for the exposition, your honor!

The lawyer (Ms. Walker) says they're here because of a breach of protocol. Holmes says the breach is only alleged, and he will not admit that he regularly breaks the law in the course of his activities. However, he runs down a list of habits Miss Walker has that suggest she's very regular in her habits, and asks if she's never crossed against the light to keep a schedule. She's thrown a bit, but she tries to draw a distinction between casual lawbreaking and the kind that really counts. The judge reminds him that an officer is in the hospital, so Holmes denies regular lawbreaking. Ms. Walker lists a number of times that he's obviously broken into private buildings, but he says most of those times involved doors that were surprisingly open. Sometimes they thought they heard a cry for help, but it was only a television or a small puppy. Holmes is not concerned about Watson being asked.

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