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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

But Holmes says the phones have been modified to get a new operating system. Like Moran's and Gottlieb's! Gregson thinks it's crazy to think that these guys were working for Moriarty. Yes, that would certainly be an implausible coincidence. But Holmes brings up a coded text message from the phone, which he translates as "BN23MACEDONIANSUN." No one knows what that means, but it's a nice start. It's always nice to start a case with some cryptography.

Holmes has a million Post-its put up in the observation room. Gregson and Watson watch him from the other side of the glass -- unless the room they're in is the observation room and Holmes is in the interview room? Gregson thinks Holmes is behaving erratically, and he'd bench Holmes. Watson thinks Holmes needs to work. She tells Gregson, "If I think he needs to stop, I'll tell you." Holmes stands up. He knows what it means!

At a computer, Holmes says that the Macedonian Sun is a container ship that operates out of Bay 23 North. I hope his revelation was that he should just Google "Macedonian Sun." The owner of the company is Christos Theophilus, also known as "The Narwhal." That's a terrible nickname -- I guess that's what happens when you're the last guy in line. Interpol used to believe that Theophilus was one of Europe's most prolific smugglers, but now he's the head of a legit shipping conglomerate. That's just the sort of thing that would come in handy to someone who runs international criminal conspiracies! He could be used to smuggle all sorts of things, like weapons or personnel. And he's a prominent contributor to Greek Nationalist charities. Oh, and the Macedonian Sun is due in port this evening!

Bell, Holmes and Watson are staking out the port. Watson goes to get some food and Bell asks Holmes how he's doing. Holmes doesn't want to talk about it, which is going to lead to a pretty dull scene until Watson gets back. But then Holmes unbends a bit and looks on the bright side: "I've never had a nemesis before. Not a proper one. Quite looking forward to it. Imagine it to be tremendously energizing."

That night, the ship has been unloaded. Holmes wakes up and Bell suggests going home. Holmes is going to keep vigil himself, but then! A car and a van pull up on the dock. Theophilus gets out, and Holmes says that this is the handover of whatever they were waiting for.

Everyone pounces! NYPD! Don't move! Bell demands to see what's in this crate over here. The padlocks get popped off, and... there are two lemurs. They're probably not weapons or personnel. They're pretty cute, though.

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