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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

Police station. Bell looks at video footage from the brownstone. There's Isaac Proctor sneaking in with a peony, of course. This is solid evidence about him being involved with Irene's kidnapping. Watson says all the brownstone cameras she knows about are on. Bell figures Isaac's following orders from a higher-up. Then a call comes in for Gregson on line one from Holmes. Watson gets a text: "Am here. Obs-Rm. Want 2 c u. Only u." "Obs-Rm" does not, as I first thought, mean "Obstetrics Room." I guess it was unreasonable of me to think there'd be one of those in the police station. Watson sneaks out to the Observation Room, which turns out to be the room I call the Interrogation Chamber. This same thing came up on Arrow this week, but it was called the Interview Room there. Holmes says Irene is safe, but he can't trust anyone to know where he is. Watson catches him up: the think tank that Isaac Proctor worked for was a CIA front, and Isaac Proctor's specialty was psychological pressure tactics. And she's confident he's Mr. Stapleton because of the video footage of him leaving the peony there. The only thing that bothers her is that he went straight to the bed, which means that he knew exactly where Irene was staying in the house. Holmes says he's leaving. Completely. Watson asks if there's any way to change his mind. He answers, "If you could dismantle Moriarty's empire in my absence -- thereby guaranteeing Irene's safety -- that would go a long way toward expediting my return." He feels that he owes Irene because her life was ruined. Watson tells Holmes this is clearly what Moriarty wants. But Holmes leaves anyway.

Isaac Proctor knocks on the trailer of a truck. He's let in and Arnold Vosloo (from The Mummy) is waiting inside with a couple of goons and a car. He tells Isaac the car has $30,000 and a phone. He's to drive to Calgary and wait. And then! A police siren! Isaac shoots the goons. He holds a gun on Vosloo. He saw a metal drum in the car, which he assumes was to dispose of his body. He shoots Vosloo in the shoulder. Vosloo tells him that Moriarty thinks he was sloppy to have been connected to the white house. Isaac thinks the real sloppiness was in letting Holmes be untouched. He says, "You tell Moriarty that Sherlock Holmes is a dead man."

Safe house. Irene is in a robe, since she was not expecting Holmes to be home so quickly. Holmes comes in to tell her his plan for escaping. In the process of getting dressed, she turns away from Holmes and takes off her robe. He sees that her birthmarks have changed. She's telling him that they don't need every move mapped out and he shoves her against the bookcase to check her shoulder. She shoves him off and he asks how long she's been working for Moriarty. She protests, "You're not making any sense." He says one of the birthmarks has been surgically removed. That's not something you do for a hostage, so it must have been something she had done for herself. He demands, "When did it start? Was it before your abduction? Was everything a lie?" She tries to calm him down by telling him he's analyzing things that aren't there. She pleads, nearly incoherently, "If you can't trust anyone, if you can't trust me, please. Don't do this." Holmes knows now how Isaac knew where her bed was. Irene flips to anger. She accuses him of inventing a reason not to go with her. She says she pictures Moriarty and it looks an awful lot like Holmes. She says, "If he weren't so bent on being your enemy, he'd be your friend." She doesn't ever want to see him again. Holmes watches her leave.

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