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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

Modern day. Holmes is still lurking behind Irene, so that scene was presumably what he was thinking of. She doesn't want anything. She says she can only imagine what he must be picking up right now with his legendary observational skills. He answers, "You're the only person I ever empathized with." He brings up the subject of what his life's been like since her alleged death. He admits that after her demise, narcotics became more than a way of life. He hit bottom and hid in New York. She says, "You're better now." He corrects her, "I'm sober now. I'll always be an addict." I feel like the creators of this show are determined to get the recovery aspects right. Incidentally, I really enjoy the framing of this shot. Each of them is on one side of the screen, and there's an empty chair right between them. I think it represents Watson. Irene says, "You were broken. You fixed yourself. If the great Sherlock Holmes can do it, then... you give me hope." She leaves the room. Holmes is alone. He leans back in his chair.

Then there's another shriek from out of the room. Holmes runs into Irene's room, where there's a white peony on her bed. She gasps, "He was here. Mr. Stapleton was here."

London. Holmes gets out of a cab. It's one of those neat London cabs. We hear a voicemail message telling him to meet Irene at her place at 5:00 to see her painting, or "into the fireplace it goes." He walks in, apologizes for being late, and claims to have "the most dazzling of excuses." There's a note on the wall: "I understand Ms. Adler was to show you a new piece of art this evening. Tell me, what do you think of mine? -M" He gets inside, and there's a pool of blood on the floor.

Modern-day Holmes and Irene enter an old garage. Holmes says he received this property as payment for some work he did shortly after arriving in New York. So this will be a safe house. He's confident they weren't followed, and says that he's texted Watson to inform the police. Irene thinks it makes no sense for Moriarty to tell Holmes where to go to find her and then threaten her with the peony. Holmes says, "He wants me to understand that as long you're in my life, you can and will be used against me." He's weak because he cares for her, so, he concludes, "That's why I need to let you go." She can't stay here, even at the safe house. He needs to send her far away. Somewhere she can be truly safe. And when he's done with Moriarty, he'll find her. She's afraid. Natalie Dormer is doing a great job, playing the same character with two different attitudes.

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