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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

Dwayne Proctor's brother Isaac thinks Dwayne wouldn't have anything to do with an abduction. Dwayne gets home, and Gregson meets him at the sidewalk leaving Officer Muldoon with Isaac. Dwayne denies knowing anything about any lady. He admits buying some yellow paint and brushes, but they were for his brother Isaac, who needed them for a student. Then there's the sound of gunshots from the house. Bang! Bang! (That's what gunshots sound like. I put that there to make this scene more exciting to read.) The police run back into the house, where Muldoon has been shot. Gregson says to put out a call for Isaac Proctor. "We came looking for the wrong brother!"

Dwayne says he doesn't know why Issac shot a police officer and ran. Bell says that there was a locker in the garage where Isaac had guns and fake passports. Dwayne thinks Isaac is a fine, upstanding individual. He used to work in a think tank, if that helps. Bell asks if Dwayne knew a guy named Moriarty. No, but they went to school with a guy named Maury Goldberg. Ha! Bell writes it down. Dwayne doesn't want to go to prison, which I guess is understandable. Irene says she doesn't recognize Dwayne's voice or face, and she doesn't recognize the picture of Isaac on his passport. Holmes takes her away. Muldoon has a punctured lung and six broken ribs, but he'll live, in case you were worried about how he was. Gregson says Isaac could have killed Muldoon if he'd wanted to. So the next step is to dig into Isaac's background.

A man (Isaac Proctor) shaves in a hotel room. His phone rings, and the man on the other end says he had to talk to Moriarty. They can help him, but he needs to run an errand involving Sherlock Holmes.

Irene flips around the channels at the brownstone as Holmes watches her from the shadows. That's creepy, and I can't imagine it's good for her state of mind.

Flashback to London. Holmes and Irene are in bed. Holmes's head is awash in post-coital neurochemicals, so he sketches the tripod device that he believes that M (Sebastian Moran) used. He praises Irene's ability as a piece of exercise equipment. Then he apologizes for his rudeness. She wonders why it doesn't bother her, and he says that she, being rude herself, knows the difference between rudeness and honesty. She lies down, and he kisses her on her back and comments on her birthmarks in the shape of the constellation Auriga. He feels that after all this time, Irene is something of a blind spot to him, and he likes the fact that he doesn't see everything about her. Holmes asks about her new project -- not the Rubens in the next room; she's had different paint on her hands, plus her guest bedroom is locked. He asks, "Could it be an Irene Adler original?" It could be. He asks what's changed since she said she didn't do originals, and she looks at him pointedly. Then she takes a shower.

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