The Woman/Heroine

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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

Bell's phone rings. Gregson says Holmes stormed out of the police station, and a corner drug dealer in Bushwick got beaten and robbed of his stash a half hour ago. Witness said it was a British guy with his arm in a sling. Uh oh! Bell pounds on the bathroom door. Then he kicks it in. Holmes is on the bathroom floor with a rubber hose around his arm and a hypodermic needle next to him. Bell says to call the hospital because he just OD'd. Bum bum BUMMMMMM!

Holmes is asleep in the hospital, and Moriarty strolls into his room to visit him! She says she knows he's awake. She only "distracted" the guard at his door. She asks why he didn't listen to her. He says that he has, in fact, let her win, like she said. She says she didn't want him all catatonic and addicted again. In fact, she claims that she wants to help him. Holmes politely declines her help. She asks if he'd prefer it if she just killed him. He would! She says that she knew her death would distract him, but she didn't predict his descent into addiction. She says he's the only person on the planet who can surprise her. He figures that's why she loves him. She says he's an addict because his sensitivities put him in near-constant pain. But that's what makes him a great detective. She wants him to come with her as she leaves the country tonight. She promises to put him back together and show him a new way to live. He says, "We both made the same mistake. We fell in love. It made us stupid." She objects to being called stupid, since she just made almost a billion dollars. Holmes tells her, "You know, she solved you. The mascot. Watson."

Apparently Watson spotted the reason Moriarty could never quite kill Holmes, and predicted the reason she'd come here. Holmes had to make it look like Moriarty had won. He sits up and looks much more alert. He was faking! He explains, "I remain quite drug-free. It's good." He takes the tubes out of his nose. He figured pretending to OD was a good idea, since Moriarty is always going on about how she has eyes and ears everywhere. He says, "You said there was only one person in the world that could surprise you. Turns out, there's two." The door opens. Watson is backed by Gregson and Bell.

Yay! I'm always happy whenever a Watson gets to do something productive. And I direct you to the title of this half of the episode: "Heroine." It's not just a pun on the word "heroin;" it's also a description of Watson's role. Holmes was sidelined because he was too close to the problem and because he couldn't read Irene/Moriarty at all. He needed Watson to come in and do some detecting for him.

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