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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

I like that all the stuff about being an international shipping magnate was irrelevant, and that the thing that was important about Theophilus was that he donated to Greek Nationalist causes. It's not even relevant that he's called the Narwhal!

Andrej Bacera tells Jordan Conroy (his security guy) that the NYPD are on the phone. Conroy talks to Gregson, who asks if he has a team of he's alone. He's alone. Conroy warns Bacera that Theophilus is on the way to kill him, and that the cops are on the way to protect him. The police texted a picture of Theophilus. Conroy says he'll get the Baceras into the safe room right away. And in the next shot, he opens the door wide open to let Theophilus in. Either this guy is a traitor or he's a terrible security guy.

The Baceras are in the safe room. It looks nice in there! Unfortunately for them, the door is open and Theophilus walks right in and makes them step outside. Conroy looks on impassively as they beg for help. Theophilus calls 911and confesses, "What I do now, I do for the love of my country." Then he shoots. The bodies hit the ground. Conroy sends a text. Theophilus answers his phone, and his daughter says she's okay. Theophilus asks Conroy to do it now, so Conroy shoots him. This plan has a lot of moving parts.

At the police station, Conroy has a story about being zip-tied to the bannister and breaking free. Holmes walks in and calls him a liar. Conroy works for Lexicon Personal Security, which was Sutter Risk Management until last week. Holmes has concluded that the whole Sutter deal (see last week for more details) was to clear the decks for Conroy, who was only assigned to the Baceras recently. Holmes accuses him of murder, and Conroy punches him in the face.

Holmes is bleeding through the stitches. He insists he's fine and kicks a file cabinet. Watson shouts at him to get hold of himself. He's frustrated that he almost had Moriarty. Watson tells him that she and the police are enabling him. He shouts at her that if she's his partner, she'll stop immediately. He distracts her by saying he didn't steal "a vial of opiates" because he knew she'd be disappointed in him. And now he's disappointed in her. She tells him she knows what he needs to do. Letting Moriarty win is the only way this doesn't eat him alive. Watson's advice: "Let her win."

Bell and a uniform are waiting in the hallway of the brownstone. Bell tells someone on the phone that he'll let them know "if he shows up." Assuming he means Holmes, he's home right now! Bell is mad that Holmes ditched his guards. Holmes goes upstairs, saying he's going to shower... but after turning on the shower, he sits on the toilet and breathes intensely instead.

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