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The Vulgarities of the Modern Era

Back at the police station, Holmes thinks Watson shouldn't have gotten in the car. If she'd taken her martial arts practice seriously, the huge goon with the gun would have been no problem. No one takes him seriously, which is a good policy when he's having these well-mannered tantrums. Gregson says that security details are being assigned to Watson, Holmes and the brownstone itself. Meanwhile, the Narwhal has been released. That's a fun sentence. I feel honored to have been able to type it. Holmes says Theophilus could have told them about the kidnapping if he'd wanted them to know, so he has to be considered an enemy combatant. Gregson wonders what Moriarty's grand plan is, since everybody agrees that just kidnapping some rich guy's daughter is pretty lame. Holmes excuses himself.

Watson follows. Holmes says the pain is quite intense. Bell stops them with news that the plot is progressing: Theophilus had just signed up for a new email account. The email subjects all involve Alethea, and they're all from a question mark. Watson says that was also Moriarty's Caller ID. All the emails are encrypted, but they managed to find a picture that Theophilus downloaded. It's a guy with a beard and a tuxedo.

On a bench somewhere, Moriarty sits next to Theophilus. I don't think we normally get scenes that are just the villains hanging out without Holmes or Watson watching. She nudges a bag over to him, and there's a pistol in it. She tells him, "You just point and shoot. Repeatedly." She is serene. He is not. She encourages him to remember his daughter, who will be freed when he's done what she asks. Theophilus promises, "This man and his family will be dead by tomorrow night."

Brownstone, the next morning. Holmes is hitting his bullet wound to stay awake. That's not entirely safe, dude. He announces that he has deduced Moriarty's plan. The guy in the beard is Andrej Bacera, whose mother is the speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. She's a popular reformer, and Andrej works as a surgeon in New York and does some unofficial diplomacy on the side. Now for some geopolitical history: Greece doesn't want Macedonia to be in the European Union because that's also the name of a region inside Greece. This is true, by the way. When Macedonia joined the United Nations, it had to use the name "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" because Greece is very protective of its own Macedonia. Mrs. Bacera has brokered a deal to maybe call themselves "The Republic of New Macedonia" if that'll get them into the European Union. Holmes ties this all to currency. If this happens, the Macedonian Denar will be replaced by the Euro -- and someone has just bought heavily into the Denar, which would be worthless if it gets replaced. Well, probably not worthless. I assume there'd be an exchange of some sort. So, suggests Holmes, what if a Greek Nationalist like Christos Theophilus murdered the family of the Macedonian speaker? That would surely ruin the plans to join the European Union. Holmes says that whoever bought all those Denar would stand to make nearly a billion dollars. Watson says, "What say we go stop this bitch?" It's on!

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