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Trainspotting 2: Trainspottier

Holmes wakes up and compliments Donna on being interesting. He's in the situation we saw at the beginning of the episode: in the back seat, hands cuffed behind his back, and ankles zip-tied together. While he talks to Donna, he rummages through the pocket in the car door and finds a bulldog clip. Donna says he clearly didn't call anyone and that the police will find his body buried on the property. She'll frame Fowkes. Holmes says Cho will get that promotion and need an experienced secretary. Holmes gets a text from Watson, but his phone is up in the front seat next to Donna. Donna gets the phone and starts to type out a response.


Police office and that opening scene. Watson thinks Holmes relapsed because of that heroin. While talking to Gregson, she gets a text: "Everything's fine. Phone was off, my mistake. Heading back, see you soon." She slowly remembers the conversation they had earlier about how Holmes likes to use textspeak.

Holmes and Donna are on the grounds of a large estate at night. Holmes asks, "You actually expect me to dig my own grave?" Donna: "Have you ever been gut shot?" Holmes: "No. I imagine it makes it difficult to do manual labor." Holmes absolutely refuses to do any digging. Why get all sore and tired when you're just going to get shot, right? Donna says she'll do it herself, since it doesn't have to be deep. Holmes encourages her to share what started her killing. She has a gun to his head but starts talking. And then! The police are there, and that distracts her long enough for him to pick his lock. He disarms her. Holmes: "Did you know I pick locks? Pockets, too." Taser! She falls.

Now it's morning. He declines any painkilling drugs from the ambulance. Watson arrives and confirms that she did, in fact, recognize that the text wasn't in Holmes's writing. And then the police located the phone easily, because unlike The Event, this is a show that knows something about cell phones. Holmes smugly lists the steps that led Watson to this place until she snaps, "I'm sorry, are you trying to take credit for the fact that I saved your life?" Holmes retracts his claims a little and admits, "Your deductive skills are not unworthy of further development." She tells him that she told Gregson he was an addict, so he might want to go have a talk with him.

Gregson's office. Holmes enters. Gregson: "We have something to talk about?" Holmes says there are many specious reasons he didn't tell Gregson about his history. The real reason is that he was embarrassed. He stammers as he admits he's more vain that he's like to admit. "And I'm sorry. Because you deserve to know." Gregson says he did know. He obviously researches his consultants. And that "personal valet" line about Watson was stupid, so he researched her too. He tested Holmes by asking him out for a drink. "Was I happy that you didn't tell me? No. But your work hasn't slipped one bit since Scotland Yard." He won't be spreading it around, though. So that's all taken care of, then.

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