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Trainspotting 2: Trainspottier

Holmes gives the company a presentation about several mysterious deaths, dating back several years and covering several states. He suggests that there's a sociopath, killing to get ahead. Holmes demands access to "their files" to locate someone who worked in each city in each year of the murders. One guy (Jim Fowkes) says that he was the only person with that career path was himself. Holmes: "Well, this is awkward, but I'd say that you were a damn good suspect."

Brownstone. Fowkes brings Holmes his check. Holmes offers eggs. The suspect: "I came here to end this." Holmes: "That should be simple enough. Confess!" He denies killing anyone. But he was inches away from COO and now the gossip will keep him from being promoted. So he's going to have to prove his innocence. One of the dead people left for a vacation August 7, 2003 and was supposed to come back August 9. And Fowkes gives a folder to Holmes showing that he had elective surgery August 6, 2003. He got rhinoplasty then, so he couldn't have done it. He suggests John Cho, who didn't work there for the first murder but matches up with the other dates.

Holmes bounces a basketball loudly while staring at John Cho's file. He was there at the first murder, but he didn't work at the company yet. He didn't benefit nearly as much as Jim Fowkes. Watson says that Fowkes definitely didn't do the first one. Holmes encourages Watson to go on another date with the married guy if she's so bugged by him bouncing a basketball. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. Watson leaves.

As he peruses the files, Holmes notes that Jim Fowkes's emergency contact was a Donna Kaplan.

Aaron and Watson. He asks how she found out he was married, and she deflects. He says he lied to her, but "it's not what you think." See, he volunteers for a place that helps people seeking political asylum. She would have been killed if she returned home, according to Aaron. She lives in Hoboken and he checks on her sometimes. They can get a divorce in a year. House did this entire plot, you know. Watson says that helping her was a really compassionate thing to do. He asks again how she found out.

The secretary from earlier is waiting at an elevator. Holmes approaches her and calls her "Donna." She's Donna! Holmes says that she's been with Mr. Fowkes a long time. He probably owes his meteoric rise to her. She offers to call security and Holmes dares her to. He follows her into the parking garage and digs at her. "Did you boss know or were you working alone?" She says she's seen his type a lot: "My boss uses five thousand dollar suits to get attention. You use a scarf and a dirty T-shirt." Then she pulls out a taser and tases him. Holmes falls to the ground.

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