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Trainspotting 2: Trainspottier

The wife is shocked that he was using heroin, although she's less shocked about the prostitutes. I mean, she thought he was done with that, but she knew it was a possibility. Watson bothers Holmes about his feelings about seeing a heroin overdose. Holmes meddles in the interview and wants to know where the wife was when the husband died two nights ago. Bell the Dummy tries to overrule Holmes, but Mrs. Talbot volunteers that she was at a silent auction for Habitat for Humanity. She says that Peter had been overwhelmed since becoming COO. The previous one also died suddenly last October when a restaurant gave him peanuts. Holmes finds this relevant! Bell does not: "Peanut allergies? Seriously?"

Brownstone. Holmes speaks Mandarin on the phone. Watson asks how well he speaks it. Holmes: "Not as well as I'd like. You?" Watson: "Not as well as my mother would like." I'd like it if they started talking to each other in Mandarin as a secret code in front of other people. Holmes reports that the previous COO was Gary Norris, who was fanatical about avoiding peanuts. I'm pretty fanatical about avoiding things that could kill me, too. Holmes talked to the chef on the phone, and the chef swears there were no peanuts in the dish he served. He feels that someone added peanut oil after it left the kitchen. Holmes is practicing disassembling and reassembling a lock, but it's not going very well and he gets very tense. Watson gets him to talk about how he'd forgotten what cooked heroin smells like. Holmes: "It brings back memories." He wants Watson to go to her date so he can get privacy. "Go. If it makes you happy, I'll take a spit test when you get back." She leaves.

Aaron and Watson walk on the sidewalk after their date. They apparently went to a place that served foam but still had fun. Aaron says his dates lately have talked about their ex-husbands. He himself has never been married. He leans in for a kiss, but he gets a handshake at the taxi.

Watson gets home. There's a big wall of recent deaths that took place at the banking company. Holmes admits that some could be random, but there might be a pattern in there. Watson says that she suspects Aaron wasn't telling the truth when he said he wasn't married. Holmes wants to go online to see if she was right. His name is "Aaron Ward" and "Maritalrecords.com" says that he's currently married. Holmes congratulates Watson on not becoming "an unwitting adultress". He gets a text saying there was, in fact, heroin in the salad. He plans to go back to the company and make them pay him to locate the murderer.

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