The Rat Race

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Trainspotting 2: Trainspottier

Talbot's office. The secretary points to a picture and says that Peter and Alyssa were called Taylor and Burton "after the movie stars." Holmes complains that he could have gotten twenty times his rate, although Watson points out that he doesn't really have a standard rate. Holmes spots one book that's been read (among the other fancifully-bound volumes that have never been opened). It has another book inside it! It's an escort menu book, but not a very clear one. The expensive ladies were marked first.

Holmes pokes around in the computer on the theory that anyone spending a lot of money on high-priced prostitutes has to have a way to hide his money. There are two separate accountants in the contacts. Martin Rydell is the private, shady one. Holmes demands that the secretary (whose name is Donna) get he and Watson an appointment at Villa Pakri.

At the restaurant, Holmes claims he's redistributing the bankers' money with his profilgate spending. Holmes orders the most expensive bottle of wine and sends it over to a man that, he's deduced, has saved up for this dinner and is about to propose. Mr. Rydell arrives. Holmes wants to talk about Peter Talbot's predilection for expensive hookers. He threatens to call the Post about the matter. Rydell admits to setting up shell corporations and slush funds. Holmes asks where Talbot might be. The answer is "an apartment in Tribeca under the name The Dummy Corp."

Holmes tells Watson that Aaron texted her for a date, and Holmes accepted on her behalf. This outrages her, because she still hasn't accepted the idea that Holmes will be messing with her at all times. They get to the Tribeca apartment and Holmes claims to be the police with a warrant. The apartment is very big and impressive. So big that even Watson thinks it's big for a place on the side. Talbot is dead in a chair, having apparently died in the middle of shooting up. It looks very staged.

Now the police are there. Watson talks to Holmes about heroin, which is one of the things that landed him in rehab. Holmes tells her he's working on a case and does not want to work on his feelings at the moment. He says Talbot was murdered, because there are no track marks. And it's a pristine apartment. And the food is perfectly arranged in the amazing refrigerator. Normally heroin addicts are in squalid apartments because they're trying to escape. Bell, who appears to have forgotten that Holmes is always right, sarcastically asks how the shot was administered. Holmes says Talbot would have to be unconscious, and there couldn't be another drug in his system. The only thing that's around is a half-eaten salad, so Holmes hypothesizes heroin-laced salad. He says it'll be easy to test for and Bell doesn't want to even bother. Gregson tells Holmes he's only allowed to watch the wife get told about her husband and he absolutely cannot interfere.

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