The One Percent Solution

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Gareth Lestrade, Consulting Detective
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We start under a table. There's a bomb and it explodes. That moved along quite quickly!

Watson comes home to discover that Holmes has adopted some roosters in order to stop a cockfighting ring. Well, he stopped the ring, but then there were these two roosters just standing around with metal spurs, not doing anything. He wants to train the combative nature out of them to prove some kind of point about how good he is at training animals. Watson is uninterested, so Holmes asks if she has an aversion to cocks. She doesn't want to indulge him, because it's now clear that he's just doing this so he can say "cock" a lot. Luckily for them both, Gregson texts them to tell them about the explosion.

Outside the Griffin Hotel in the snow, Gregson briefs them. People from the Treasury and Labor departments were trying to sell people from the big banks on the new budget proposals. The bomb was homemade, but intricate.

Inside, Holmes looks at the carnage and recreates the scene. Two of the people that were killed were vice presidents of a bank called Whitbrook-Balsille. This is relevant because Richard Balsille, the CEO, has a security czar who insists on access to the crime scene as well as the investigation. Holmes claims he doesn't work with czars. But he's already worked with this one, because it's Gareth Lestrade! In this incarnation of Sherlock Holmes mythology, Lestrade is a bad person who was last seen claiming credit for Holmes's work. He kisses Joan's hand, which is weird. Then he asks Holmes if he's ready to match wits, which is the sort of thing you say when you're a supervillain. He's mostly acting like a pompous jerk.

Holmes takes pictures of the crime scene while Lestrade has fresh coconut water brought to him by Miss Truepenny, an aspiring consulting detective who acts as his assistant. I will tell you right now that "Miss Truepenny" is her actual name. Lestrade goes on about how he's a big media star who has invitations to do DOUG Chats. That's this world's version of TED Talks. Holmes is pretending not to pay attention. Watson says her friend from St. Bede's informed her that the two survivors are conscious and available to be interviewed. This seems like something that should have come through police channels, doesn't it? The cops have just completely washed their hands of this case. Lestrade runs off with Miss Truepenny in his wake. Now that he's gone, Holmes admits that he's heard of DOUG Chats; he just didn't want to encourage Lestrade. Which is reasonable, because he's apparently going to be taking the corporate helicopter to go eight blocks to the hospital.

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