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The Four-Year-Old Bomb
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Holmes watches all his televisions at once. He's got one of those Serial Experiments: Lain setups where there are six televisions positioned randomly in front of him. He explains to Watson that the mind is a muscle and must be exercised to keep from becoming flabby, etc. He's also reading a book, just to prove he's not addicted to television. When Watson complains, he's willing to turn off one television. Watson suddenly wants him to select a sponsor, because she's not going to be his sober companion forever. He says something about how great drugs made him feel, but he's just quoting the next bit that's about to happen on The Invisible Man. It's not clear whether he's just seen the movie before or if he's deduced the next line of dialogue. The point is, he does not want to go meet a potential sponsor, even for coffee.

Now the scene shifts to some horrible web design lab where people ride skateboards and shoot Nerf hoops in the office. I should admit at this point that I work on the Internet and my cubicle has several Nerf guns in it. But these guys are doing it on purpose. And they explicitly mock old people, just in case everyone doesn't hate them already. There's a beeping which turns out to be coming from inside a vent. They think it's a phone, which is silly. Phones don't beep like that.

A zooming camera shows that inside the vent, there's a phone number on a device attached to a bomb. It explodes! Probably should have turned off the ringer, huh? Seems weird that you'd want your bomb to beep before exploding.

Later, the whole team is at the scene. Gregson says the bomb exploded at 9:15 AM that morning. Boy, those slackers were hard at work already! Bell's looking into "whether anybody had beef with the firm." Holmes and Watson look at the wreckage, which is all over the place. There's a World's Greatest Dad mug that's undoubtedly ironic. Holmes says Watson won't miss all this when she's gone in a few weeks to be with her new client. She says she doesn't have a next client, but she won't miss the crime scenes.

Among the debris, Holmes finds some packing paper that shows that it wasn't weapons-grade explosives. Because your real professionals don't use wadded up newspaper, which makes sense. Gregson says the bomb squad said the same thing and are looking into recent burglaries of stores that sell bomb supplies. I like that the bomb squad has been here and learned some of the same things that Holmes is revealing, because it's easy to go too far in the other direction. Holmes doesn't have to be the only person who can do detecting. Holmes finds a circuit board from a pager, which he thinks could be the bomb's detonator. He knows it's from a pager because it doesn't have a transmitter. It's in really good shape for something that was less than an inch from the explosion. It'll be two-three hours for the police to track it down, so Watson drags Holmes off to a meeting. This is a really good excuse to switch gears to the other plot!

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