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Elementary started late tonight because the Super Bowl Blackout. Remember that weird ad about how God created farmers? That's what was on when the show was supposed to start. We actually kick things off an hour and ten minutes after it was scheduled to start. Which is only 8:10 here on the West Coast, so I don't really mind that much.

Okay! You know that song about how the singer is the cat with the bass and drum? She kind of screeches like a monkey at one point? That's what's playing when the show starts. Two attractive ladies are dancing around in their underwear while Holmes sits on a chair shirtlessly. They handcuff him to the chair and then suddenly shut off the music. They announce that they're robbing him. One of them has rubber gloves with blades on them as she demands to know where he keeps his money. Holmes reflects on their habit of attacking "innocent whoremongers" and then calls the cops in. It was a trap!

The next morning, Holmes practices with a "Single Stick," hitting a dummy in a target in its forehead. Watson comes in and says she has to go deal with her apartment because the subletters have been causing problems. Holmes thinks she's crazy to maintain a New York apartment, but it's rent-controlled. Holmes beats the dummy up.

A prison van drops off a balding, squinting guy named Mr. Ennis. It's Terry Kinney! I'm excited by this because I was a big fan of Oz and I always thought McManus should spend some time as a prisoner. And now he is! He's here to have his kidney removed and put in his sister, although he's not allowed to see her. He's also allegedly a scary person, which is conveyed by guards being very careful around him.

Ennis is all handcuffed up, even as they prepare to operate. He's injected with anesthetic and he counts down from twenty, as is traditional. He seems to eye some scalpels, but his heart rate goes down as he falls asleep. The doctor has the handcuffs removed because surely it's safe now. And then the anesthetist notices that the anesthetic isn't really entering the vein. It's just pooling up in his arm. Ennis takes a scalpel and starts slicing people up until he can get a gun. Then he shoots them!

Holmes and Watson arrive in a cab. Gregson tells them the story so far. Well, the Ennis part. He doesn't cover the football game or the stripper-thieves. Holmes says all of Ennis's victims were blonde and over 5'7". Watson supplies that he was called "The Peeler." Holmes objects to giving him a cool nickname because he believes that serial killers aren't nearly interesting enough to deserve cool nicknames.

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