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Two Mathematicians Walk into a Bar
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New York at night. A mugger waves a knife in a victim's face. After he gets the guy's wallet, he ignores the protest of "Please. I don't want any trouble" and punches him in the face. We follow the mugger into an alley, where he sees a shooting through a window. When the shooter comes down into the alley, the mugger tries saying he doesn't want any trouble. And it doesn't work this time, either; the mugger gets shot.

A graveyard. A woman lays flowers at the tombstone of Gerald Castoro, who was a beloved husband and father. Oh, hey! It's Watson! And she's noticed by someone named Joey who calls her "Dr. Watson." Joey strikes me as someone who's up to no good, but to be fair, that's just because he's played by Jeremy Jordan, who played Jimmy the Jerk on Smash. It's probably not fair to hold that role against him, but that's what's happening. Deal with it. She's putting flowers on Joey's father's grave, and of course that's what he's here for. He came the day after the anniversary to avoid his mother. Watson agrees that he was a good man. Gerald lays down his flowers and offers to buy her coffee. She tries to beg off, but he insists.

Gregson and Bell are at the alley crime scene where the mugger was shot. Holmes strolls up, apologizing for being late, and Bell says that he's not actually wanted at all, since he just heard about the murder on his scanner and Bell texted him not to come. Holmes claims to have received a text saying, "Yes, please. Now. Triple smiley face, with tongue protruding." Bell points out that Holmes is actually reading a text from someone named "Bella" from months ago. And with that out of the way, we might as well let Holmes work the case, right?

The victim inside the house is Felix Soto, a math tutor who lived alone. He's lying on his back in the middle of the room. The mugger's name is Benny Charles, and he seems not to have known Felix. They know that he was mugging someone right before, so he seems to have just ducked into the alley to count his swag. Which we, the audience, happen to know is exactly what happened! Benny survived, but he's in a coma right now. He's just waiting until a plot-relevant time to return to consciousness.

Holmes looks around and decides there are too many remaining valuables to assume a motive of robbery. Bell says a neighbor heard an argument. Holmes goes into an empty room and investigates the walls from an inch away. Bell noted on his own that it's weird that just one room would be completely empty. He considered the possibility that the shooter took something off the walls, but there aren't any nail holes. Holmes asks if Bell has always been this observant, and Bell gets in some quite acceptable sarcasm about how before Holmes came along, no one in the NYPD had ever closed a case.

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