Snow Angels

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Later, Holmes is trying to figure out where the money went. Clyde the turtle is being an ambulance on a map. Padlocks represent road closures and emergency checkpoints. They know one spot where the money-filled ambulance was spotted ignoring a traffic accident, but after that it seems to have vanished. The thieves may have known they were being watched? They made a fake call to get a real ambulance to the place the copes were watching and they went... somewhere. Where? How? Watson likes the locks as a good visual metaphor for impassable streets. Watson suggests that maybe the checkpoints and road closures weren't there when the ambulance drove through. I think they should maybe be working on Laseur because it still seems like he was involved.

Police station. The ambulance is now represented by a stapler, and Holmes is ready to present his theory. Watson has a copy of the storm's dispatch log, which is probably pretty big. There are examples of people at checkpoints being recalled to different places. And some of those are no doubt legitimate, but there are also some specific cases that add up to an escape route for the ambulance. Gregson doesn't like the idea of a high-level criminal inside the police station, which is the only way all these moves could have been made. Holmes mentions Miss Caster, the FEMA agent from earlier. She's paid the same amount as the postmaster of Sheboygan, WI, and maybe she'd prefer millions of dollars. Holmes suggests that Elle is reluctant to confess because she's hoping that she can cash in her bargaining chip: knowledge of a high-level mole. And maybe she thinks her mole can get her out of this, which is why she's not scared.

In the interrogation chamber, Bell asks Elle if she knows what a mass spectrometer. No answer. He says that it's the thing that just ruined her life. That's pretty vague, and I don't think it had the snappy impact he was hoping for. The thing he's trying to get at is that she has gunshot residue all over her right palm. So unless she gives up her partners, she's going away for life. It's a good thing for Bell that Elle was the one who did the shooting. Just then! The lights flicker. He says they're closing the roads to move her. There's shouting out in the hallway. Gregson leans in to tell Bell (and Elle) that somebody's been stabbed in a holding cell. Everyone has to go help, so Elle is left alone. Bell and Gregson have a little discussion about how the chamber is locked from the outside, so surely Elle couldn't escape. Watching through the glass, Holmes tells Watson that Bell has turned out to be a pretty good actor. Elle looks around as everyone in the hallways makes noise by banging things together. Miss Caster sits awkwardly in the police station, not knowing it's all fake. Then she takes her jacket off and walks into the chamber: "Not a word. Follow me." Holmes tells Gregson the collaborators are on the way out. Gregson warns everyone they can't take them down for escape until they leave the floor. Really? So they don't mind if you sneak out of your cell as long as you don't go downstairs? Anyway as Caster and Elle head down the stairs, they run into Bell and some cops. Zing!

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