Snow Angels

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Eventually they come upon a snowplow, so Holmes knocks on the window. He tells the driver (Becky Ann Baker!) that they're working with the New York Police Department on a potential heist in East Rutherford and asks to be let into the cab. She asks why he's helping with something in Jersey. But she lets them into the cab, which is the important thing. Then she regrets it immediately as Holmes turns off the radio she was listening to. He asks her to use the CB to relay a message to the NYPD. This lets us know two pieces of information: She's in Greenpoints and her CB handle is "Pam." I watched Archer immediately before this episode, so just the name "Pam" is enough to make me laugh. Sherlock is not put through directly to Gregson because of the storm. He deadpans, "A storm, you say. We'll be on the lookout." Then he dictates a very clear message. The next step is to go to EROC. And after that? "I don't know what's going to happen next. That's why it's an adventure!" Holmes tells Pam to take them to East Rutherford. She declines and tells him to get out. So he offers her some money.

Bell comes to a hospital, looking for gunshot victims. A nurse (or doctor or janitor, maybe. I don't know!) named Vince says there hasn't been a gunshot victim in two weeks. Bell asks him to look for anyone that had any kind of wound all the way through the abdomen, on the theory that maybe they didn't just walk into the hospital and announce that they got shot. So Vince looks at the Patient Directory, which fills a whole screen. I see no obvious jokes or references here. Vince picks out Alysa Darvin, who's here for a stab wound. Bell goes in to ask her some questions. She's leaving early, supposedly because of her health insurance. "I'm all stitched up," she says. She asks if the police have found the mugger who stabbed her. Bell asks if it's okay if he looks at her chart. "Two lacerations," he notes. "Ouch." She says a guy with a beard attacked her. Bell spots a blonde hair on her coat. He holds it under a light to see that it breaks, proving that it's synthetic. He asks her, "What hurt worse? Getting shot or letting your friend stab you to disguise the wound." She's under arrest. So that blonde wig led directly to her getting caught? I guess it's not always a good idea to wear a disguise.

Snowplow Driver Pam asks what Holmes's deal is, since he's not really a cop. Holmes is snippy about not wanting small talk, given that he paid for the ride. Watson explains that they're consultants. Her phone has a bar, so she tries calling home. Their number is out of service. She concludes that Holmes didn't pay the phone bill. He points out that a land line is nearly obsolete at this point. And anyway, he asks, why didn't she call the police station instead of home? They squabble about Miss Hudson being lost and needing help. Watson has immediately started worrying about Miss Hudson, but I think that's in character for her.

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