Snow Angels

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Holmes's nonsense has gotten them into the architectural firm. The guy who's in there is an employee who appears to be sleeping there when the place is closed. That's Holmes's allegation, anyway, and it seems to be accurate enough to scare the guy into letting Holmes look through files and stuff. He finds an empty drawer, which means the thieves stole some blueprints. There's an electronic backup, but the power's still out. So Holmes makes the guy show him where the corresponding plumbing and electrical schematics are, so that way he'll know what buildings were in the stack of blueprints that were stolen.

Back to the brownstone, where Watson is having trouble making a fire. Miss Hudson demonstrates how to make a teepee out of kindling. A Mr. Davis is calling, but Miss Hudson isn't interested because he'll just want to stick her in a tiny apartment. Mr. Davis is Miss Hudson's most recent gentleman. The fire starts very nicely, making me want to have a fire. Now Mr. Davis is banging on the door. He wants to come in and shouts the usual stuff about how he'll leave his wife, baby, he swears. Watson goes upstairs, where Holmes is in a tent with some heated rocks. He's looking through the electrical schematics on the theory that one of the blueprints that was stolen must match up to the next target for the thieves. But they're all boring places like Baby Gap. Then he hurts his hand on a hot rock.

The next morning, Holmes tells Watson to get up and put on layers so they can get out in the blizzard. She's not delighted by this plan, even though Holmes is willing to turn his back until she's done. For the rest of the scene, she's putting clothes on underneath her blankets. Holmes says that Miss Hudson is almost done with her Mr. Davis drama and should wrap it up in about thirty minutes. More to the point, he's decided that the target is a classified government building. The architectural firm got some special blueprints because they put in a bid for something. They're going to EROC: the East Rutherford Operations Center. It's a cash depository for the New York branch of the Federal Reserve, and they're going to strike under cover of blizzard. If they're so clever, how come they didn't just take a picture of the blueprints instead of stealing the physical copy? That seems like it's unnecessarily leaving evidence behind.

Downstairs, Holmes explains why he can't just call the police and have them deal with it. He lost cell service at 3 AM, the land line is down, and he's using his CB radio parts for something else. So they're on their own against a pack of known murderers! "It's a long trek to East Rutherford" says Holmes. And they walk out into the blizzard. There's a lot more snow than there used to be.

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