Snow Angels

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The police station is on backup power. Denise Caster of FEMA is here to tell everyone the plan with regard to rapid response and emergency services and all that. She establishes that in a few hours, the storm is going to destroy everything. And the power is not coming back until after the storm, so people are supposed to only plug in essentials. Holmes, for example, is recharging his phone to surf Instagram. Bell tells Holmes and Watson he's on rapid response, but he has some information for them first. They can't track the GPS on the phones because the New York office is down. Holmes opinion on the GPS plan is, "Good idea. But really unnecessary. Good idea nonetheless." Because he has found an Instagram picture of one of the phones being sold ahead of time. Holmes can tell it's Columbus Park by the shadow on the phone matching up to the curvature of a building in the area.

Columbus Circle. There is some swirling snow and a line of people waiting to purchase stolen phones from a homeless fellow. Holmes breaks up the line and sits down with the guy, who claims he found them at a bakery on B street. He was just hanging out when they were suddenly thrown in the dumpster. Holmes gives him a wad of cash and recommends getting a room tonight. Then he and Watson leave because Holmes thinks the phones are just a distraction. He just leaves the phones there, which the people of Toshiwa probably aren't thrilled about. Back to the Flatiron building! I've noticed that television shows are very fond of putting things in the Flatiron building. I think the Smash rehearsal space is in there somewhere.

Back to the scene of the crime. Holmes is studying the room, ignoring the radio warnings because they're for "citizens." He finds a magnifying glass on the security desk and uses it to examine a lock because that's the sort of thing Sherlock Holmes does. Watson asks if he has an app for that, which he probably does. Holmes claims that he's saving power, but I think he just likes using a real magnifying glass. He shows Watson that the doors to the stairs have some small scratches suggesting that the lock has been picked. So the phones were stolen to distract people while they went upstairs and did... something. Holmes picks the lock to follow the trail.

Up on the twelfth floor, there's more snow falling out the window. I like that the snowfall has increased since the Columbus Circle scene. Holmes finds a door with more lockpick scratches. It's an architectural firm. And someone is in there! Holmes says they're the police, but not really. Then he claims Watson holds several black belts, which makes Watson glare at him.

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