Snow Angels

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A security guard reads Eli Manning: Rise to Greatness while the television news warns about an incoming snowstorm. I can tell you right now that only one of those two facts is important to the episode. Eli Manning does not feature into this episode. The snowstorm, however, will be a Nor'Easter combined with a hurricane. The guard looks up from his book because a woman is on the ground outside, calling for help. He runs outside and she says, "He mugged me." The guard helps her in, and then she pulls a gun and tells him she doesn't want to hurt him. "Just open the door," she says. He does and then she shoots him. Hey! She lied! She lets her two accomplices in, and they drag the guard out of sight. Which is a good idea because this is a building where the whole front wall is glass. The intruders go to the stairs. But! The guard isn't dead yet! He has enough to energy to roll over, grab his gun and shoot at them.

Watson arrives home at the brownstone with bottled water, batteries and soup. You know, all the usual emergency supplies. And there's a woman in the living room! Her name, she says, is Miss Hudson. She's not a new client, but she's a friend of Holmes with a problem. She asks for some tea, specifically White Darjeeling, which seems like a very Sherlock Holmes-appropriate choice. Although the only canonical reference I can find to Darjeeling is actually about the city in India.

Watson joins Holmes in the kitchen. Holmes says Miss Watson is an autodidact (a self-taught person) who has consulted with him. She knows everything about Ancient Greek and other topics and currently works as a muse. Watson is skeptical that "muse" is an actual job, but apparently Miss Hudson spends time being romantically linked with artists with creative block. Also, she has an Adam's apple. Holmes doesn't care: "All rather complicated I imagine. But life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind of man could invent."

Really briefly: I love that Elementary is so casual about Miss Hudson being a transgender woman. This is the only reference to it, and after this she's just cheerfully accepted for who she is. She's being played by Candis Cayne, who is also a transgender woman. I think the acceptance being shown here is a really important moment for television, but I also think that what's so important about it is how little importance the show itself is putting on the moment, if you see what I mean. So I wanted to point it out, but I also don't want to dwell on it. Because from now on, she's just Miss Hudson.

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