Possibility Two

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We have a crime scene in the middle of the road! Bell explains the situation: the victims work with ZBZ Security, but nothing's missing from the museum. They're left with two dead bodies lying on the ground. Holmes declines to answer because he wants to make Watson do it. She's tentative, but she says each of them have been shot in the chest one time. The scuffs on the road suggest they chased the suspect. But no! Holmes says that one guard's ZBZ patches are handsewn. And his clothes are new. What was in his pockets? Four car registration cards with the owners' addresses. Holmes explains that the guy was finding expensive cars, then breaking in to find the home address of the owner. Then he'd call his associate to rob the place. There's also a cell phone and Watson knows the last called number will be the associate. He's named "Loco Maurice," which I love.

Walking down the street, Holmes tells Watson not to be discouraged, because detection is not just a skill -- it's a point of view. She should be alert to the bizarre and unusual. Like this stretch limo, with the driver staring at them. His name is Crabtree and he was referred by a Mr. Musgrave. He works for General Lydon, who has a proposal. I have to write all these names down because you never know when one of them is going to turn out to be important at the end of the episode. Holmes and Watson enter the limo, where Lydon and Miss Tompkins (his associate) are waiting. Lydon is a little twitchy; he's kind of acting like Robert Downey Jr.'s version of Sherlock Holmes. He says he owns eighteen patents and can do eleven pull-ups at age fifty-eight. But his problem is that he has dementia: Hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Watson translates this as "hereditary CAA," which seems like cheating. Anyone can sound smart if they just acronymize whatever they just heard. Lydon feels that someone has purposely given him this disease, even though it has "hereditary" right in the name. Watson points out that paranoia and delusions are symptoms of CAA. Holmes thinks the most likely explanation is that it's naturally occurring, so he won't take the case. He asks Crabtree to pull over.

Upstairs in the brownstone, Watson adds a book to a pile in the hallway. Downstairs, Holmes is pouring acid on a doll. Watson says she has no questions about her reading, although Jeremy Bentham -- as a philosopher -- has nothing to do with being a detective. Holmes says that free will is the cause of criminal behavior so Bentham is completely relevant. The door buzzes. It's Crabtree! He has a hexagonal box with a special bee in it. Holmes is very impressed by the bee, but he declines the offer. Crabtree says that he said Holmes would do that.

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