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Triple Nitro
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There are boxers sparring. Oh, my mistake, kickboxers. One of them falls. The other one is Holmes. After the fight, Watson observes that Sherlock fights dirty, which he recommends. Holmes answers his phone: "Hello, Mistress." He looks a little embarrassed. "What? Hang up and dial 911. Ask that Captain Thomas Gregson be informed of the call. I'll be there shortly. Yes." There's a dead body waiting for them.

A woman dressed provocatively and holding a riding crop stands next to a body on the floor. She tells Gregson that she got a call at 10:30 from a new client who wanted CP and OTK. Holmes elucidates the phrases "Corporal Punishment" and "Over-The-Knee (Spanking)" for Gregson, who has apparently led a very sheltered life for a New York cop. The woman was told the door would be unlocked, and the man was lying on the floor when she got there. He was wearing a mask and was unresponsive to her orders and whip. So she called Holmes, who explains, "Mistress Felicia and I got chatting over an exhibition of torture devices throughout history." And then they stayed in tough.

Bell reports that the dead man is Titus Delancey, the CEO of AP&G Financial Consulting. Gregson sends Mistress Felicia off with Bell to make an official statement. He doesn't think Felicia killed the guy, so Watson suggests heart failure. Holmes checks under the latex suit Mr. Delancey was wearing and notes that there's no talcum powder. It's hard to put on a latex suit without talcum powder, so Holmes concludes that he must have had help. And there's blue on his lips, which Watson diagnoses as nitroglycerin overdose. Holmes rejects the theory of accidental overdose, because he'd need eight tablets accidentally. And he spots a glass of bourbon, which he is confident was used to mask the scent of nitroglycerin. He pours some out and lights it, because he's a big showoff who can't wait for the lab to do things properly. The point is… murder! Someone laced Delancey's bourbon with enough nitroglycerin to cause an overdose.

Holmes practices uses a bullwhip to snuff out candles at the brownstone. The candles aren't lit, so I'm guessing he's new at this. Watson comes down and complains about it being morning, but Holmes is too busy being happy at his gift from Mistress Felicia. He also reports that Delancey's wife swears her husband was not into S&M, which Watson believes. There were no signs of bondage gear in the house. Holmes thinks the latex suit was brand new, based on its shininess. Watson asks if a poisoner would shove Delancey into a latex suit and call a dominatrix. I have that question too, because I believe it would take a lot of work to get a non-responsive dead body into a tight latex suit. Anyway, Holmes says there are only two stores in Manhattan that sell this brand of suit, and one of them ("unfortunately for submissives of size") only has it up to a Large. So unless the killer bought the gear online (which he almost certainly did, but never mind that) it came from The Pleasure Parlor. It is my opinion that any leather store that does not carry XXL gear is denying itself a lot of business.

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