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The Case of the Missing Jimmy Choo

Sean Figueroa is at LIFA headquarters, reshelving books. Holmes asks if Sean ever wondered why he had blue eyes. He goes straight to telling him that Wade Crewes was his father. Sean answers, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm busy, so..." Now, when I say he's reshelving books, I mean he's moving them from one shelf to the shelf immediately above it. This scene reminds me a lot of a routine on John Mulaney's first album. Holmes continues the explanation about the prison library and points out that it'll be easy to establish paternity. Sean cops to being Crewes's son, explaining that he found his mother's diaries. He admits to teaching Wade to read and Holmes asks how loyal he thinks his father will be when the police offer him a deal. "Will he visit you in prison?" Suddenly Sean looks like he's reconsidering.

Wade Crewes in prison. Gregson coldly puts some evidence on the table. Holmes says it's his trophies: the shoes from the earlier murders, which Sean helped them find. Crewes denies having a son, so Gregson tells him, "Sean's going away and you're getting five new conspiracy charges." Crewes is pulled away, shouting that Gregson framed him (true!) and that he's innocent (false!)

So let's look at this brilliant plan by Mr. Wade Crewes. He's in jail for life when a kid introduces himself as his long-lost illegitimate son. He learns to read and convinces his son to go kill several people in his signature style. And the son plants evidence in the crappy hotel room of someone who got out of prison at about the right time. But there's no guarantee that the police will hit on the idea of searching the patsy before they find the son, who's brand new at the process of sneaking around town killing people. And meanwhile, the son has to keep breaking into this hotel room to hide and retrieve the murder weapon. And there's no guarantee that the guy they're framing won't have an alibi for the new murders. This whole thing is full of holes. I'm not surprised it didn't work.

That night, Holmes is at the fireplace in the brownstone. Watson is going up to bed when Holmes interrupts her with the news that Irene died: "We were quite close. I did not take her passing well. Good night."

I like the way he said that. He's forcing himself to open up, but he's not good at it.

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