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The Case of the Missing Jimmy Choo

Gregson describes the new case. Two of the victims are the homeowners (with the now-traditional pillows taped to their faces) and one of the victims is a houseguest, who may have surprised the attacker. Gregson says here was a struggle. And there's physical evidence in the form of some cigarette butts from across the street. So the police have a warrant out for Victor and are searching his room right now. I guess Holmes left the gun there, but doesn't it seem like Victor would be able to claim that Holmes planted it? He did pick the lock and pull up the carpet.

Holmes stands where Gregson places the shooter. Gregson tries to talk to him about how he won't hide if Wade is really innocent. But Holmes is concentrating and has no time for Gregson's grand statement of moral culpability. Holmes covers his eye and crouches down. Bell calls to report that they have Victor in custody. Holmes says that'll make it easier to prove he's innocent.

Interrogation chamber. Victor, in Russian accent, says he didn't kill those people. Holmes opens the door and throws an orange at him. It bounces off his right eye. Holmes announces that he's innocent! He's also ticked off now: "Why he hit me?" Seriously, the guy was in prison for twelve years and he just wants to watch some football from Chechnya. And now some weirdo starts throwing oranges at him?

Gregson's office. Holmes says everything in Victor's place was lined up on the left side. And there were blue marks on the ceiling above his bed, suggesting that he was throwing a ball at it. Anyway, the point is that he's blind in the right eye. He can't even pour orange juice without spilling it, so how's he going to hit a moving target at night? And the cigarette butts across the street were ground out in an ashtray, not flattened by being stepped on. So who framed him? Holmes says Crewes is the obvious choice, since he's the one who would benefit by someone new being blamed for these killings. And Crewes had access to all the files, so he could easily locate the same guy Holmes settled on. Bell asks who'd be willing to kill five people to get Crewes out of prison. Gregson says if they don't get someone soon, Victor will eat the charges and Wade Crewes will get out. Um, even if the police don't think Victor did it? And wouldn't they need to arrest Victor for the actual murders that Crewes is in jail for?

Brownstone. Watson says Crewes has had no visitors. Holmes says his only cellmate has life without parole. And he's from a group home, so he has no family. That last one seems like a stretch to me. Even people in group homes have people they grow up with, right? On the television, Crewes is having a press conference where he quotes Oscar Wilde. And Tolstoy. Holmes and Watson decide that he's reading at an advanced level, so someone must have taught him to read. There's no record of him taking any classes, but he worked at the prison library. And Holmes knows that the library at Sing Sing was on the verge of being shut down. A volunteer advocacy group called "LIFA" kept it open and he remembers that the son of Carla Figueroa was wearing a shirt with their logo.

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