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The Case of the Missing Jimmy Choo

Holmes says that the first interrogation had a paper cup, but that the second had a mug. And it looks like the one at the crime scene. Watson agrees that it's the same one. Holmes: "The evidence was planted. And it was Captain Gregson who gave him that mug."

Holmes interrupts Gregson while he's pouring coffee. He asks why he asked him to watch the tape. Obviously Holmes was going to notice. Gregson takes off his coat as Holmes talks to him about how he's sure any framing was done out of frustration. Gregson does a good job of not talking while Holmes babbles. He says he never planted evidence. Holmes asks how the mug showed up at the crime scene, and Gregson violently opens the door for Holmes to get the hell out of his office.

Holmes comes downstairs at the brownstone, unsatisfied. Watson offers him the letters and he takes them stiffly. She says she didn't read them: "Whatever happened, this is not how I want to find out about it." And she says she won't ask him about them anymore. Holmes thanks her (slightly less stiffly), then puts the letters in the blender. He explains that he left them at the rehab facility because he didn't want them anymore.

Holmes has restarted the old Crewes investigation. One early suspect, Victor Nardan, has been in jail for twelve years, then came out three weeks ago. The police have lost track of him, but the jail photos show that he has tattoos for Chechnya's premier football club. Holmes concludes, "Wherever he is, he will want to watch his beloved team." There are only three bars in New York that show Chechen football and they're all within walking distance of a specific hotel. No Victor Nardan, but there's a Victor Jones, which is his official alias.

Carrie meets Gregson out in a street somewhere. He tells her she planted that mug. She answers, "I always assumed you knew that." Ha! I was expecting her to indignantly deny it. But no, he thought they were lucky. He says that if Wade Crewes is innocent, he's not going to stay quiet about it, even if it's bad for his career. He ends the scene with, "Fair warning, partner."

Holmes puts on a stupid fake voice as he knocks on Victor's door. Then he picks the lock. It is a crummy hotel room and Watson confirms for us that it stinks. And the floor is sticky. Holmes sniffs around to determine that there's orange juice spilled on the floor. A little more snooping and he's led to the corner of the room, where the carpet has come up from the floor. He pulls it away and finds a loose floorboard. And as he lifts the board, his phone rings. It's Gregson and he needs him right away. It happened again. A triple homicide. Holmes says, "We'll be right there. And Captain, I think I may be able to tell you where the murder weapon is." He pulls a gun out of the floor.

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