One Way to Get Off

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The Case of the Missing Jimmy Choo

Watson continues on her rehab investigation. She learns that Holmes spent every group session in total silence. But then she spots a gardener, who turns out to be named Edison. And he has beekeeping equipment. Edison calls Holmes "Sherlock," which is fun. Nobody calls him by his first name on this show. Edison says, "He used to tell me I was the only person here without an agenda. I took that to mean he liked me." Sure, that seems obvious.

At the prison, Wade Crewes is surprisingly upbeat and friendly. He says he gave up anger a long time ago and insists that Gregson knows that he's innocent. The world has decided to prove his innocence, he says. Holmes notes that he was illiterate when arrested and now he's quoting War and Peace. He had an alibi at the time, but Gregson says that the woman (Carla Figueroa) recanted. Crewes's explanation is that she was a married woman who didn't want to admit that she was out with another man. He also says that Gregson planted his fingerprints on a mug in 1999. And finally, the next time they speak, he'll be on the court steps speaking after his exoneration.

At the rehab facility, Watson asks Edison if Holmes ever mentioned Irene. Apparently not: "Can't say he did." She starts to leave and then Edison says the name sounds familiar because Holmes left some personal stuff. How convenient! It's a sheaf of letters and the return address is Irene Adler.

Holmes has taken Gregson to Carla Figueroa's place, but they're still in the car outside the house. Gregson is still a jerk about everything, because he feels threatened by the suggestion that he might have been wrong once. Holmes says that Gregson swallowed twice after being accused of planting fingerprints, so he's hiding something. A kid leans in the window and says they have to move the car. And that Carla died four years ago. Gregson says that Crewes gloated on the tapes, and he dares Holmes to watch them and not think Crewes is guilty.

So Holmes watches the tapes at the brownstone. Wade does sound smug as he offers to watch the crime scene again and again. Watson comes home and Holmes says he left urine in her room. "Tell me it's in a cup," she sighs. In her room, she takes out the sheaf of letters.

Carrie (Gregson's old partner) talks to the camera about how she's interrogating Wade Crewes. Gregson brings him a black coffee. Holmes runs upstairs and says he needs Watson because this is something bigger than the two of them. And also because it has a moral component, which is something she's better at.

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