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The Case of the Missing Jimmy Choo
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A spooky figure in a mask and hood walks through an expensive house. I can tell it's expensive because there's a spiral staircase in one of the rooms. That's one of the most expensive kinds of staircase! Oh, and there are two people with pillows taped to their faces. The spooky figure shoots them both, so I guess we can assume he's a bad guy.

With that out of the way, we join the Brownstone in an awkward morning. Watson puts some stuff in a juicer while Holmes gets something from the refrigerator. They are distant but polite. Watson deduces that Holmes is mad at her for going to Alistair and learning the name "Irene." And she recaps everything that's happened on the show so far so people who haven't been paying attention will know what a sober companion is. Luckily for Holmes, Gregson sends him a text about a double homicide. So he admits that he's been sulking and has to respect her right as a sober companion to meddle. Then he claims he's going to go get coffee and doesn't come back. He's escaped!

At the crime scene, Gregson notices that Watson isn't there, but doesn't care a lot. It is, in fact, the two people who got killed in the opening. Gregson says it's like a nightmare and Holmes supplies the information that this is just like series killings from 1999. Back then, it was Gregson himself who arrested someone named Wade Crewes. It seems like a weird murder to copycat and it's also unlikely to be a coincidence. Holmes wants to go to the shoe closet. As they go there, we see a fancy shot of the spiral staircase. This house is at least four stories tall.

Holmes explains that in the previous cases, there was always one shoe missing from the closets. And indeed, there's a high-heeled Jimmy Choo with no partner in this house's closet. Apparently Wade Crewes said he worked alone, but Holmes thinks he may have lied about that.

Gregson is giving the troops their instructions in the police station when Holmes's phone rings (with the music from Psycho, which strongly suggests that Holmes has a sense of humor). It's from Watson, so he ignores it. Holmes wants to go talk to Wade Crewes with Gregson. Gregson doesn't want to do it and he's sneering and sarcastic about the idea that Cruise could be involved in any way. Or that Cruise could be innocent. Anyway, it's another scene where the cops have forgotten how smart Holmes is, which I'm already tired of. The phone rings again and Holmes pretends to have a bad connection. But Watson is right next to him, presumably because she correctly guessed he'd be at the police station. Holmes says she's not allowed to try to get through to him and they're back to the letter of the law: he'll check in every three hours and allow drug tests. She leaves in a huff.

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