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The Case of the Obvious Murderer

Lucas comes back to his recording studio, where the window between the control room and studio is broken. Holmes is there, but he denies breaking the window. We never learn anything more about the broken window, so it seems like an entire subplot got removed except for this one exchange. He asks if Bundsch denies calling him and pretending to be Cynthia Tilden. He does. Holmes decides he's not just a serial killer; he's a Catfish. He creates identities to track his victims' loved ones so he can keep the game going after the death. Please don't let the word "Catfish" get any more traction than it already has. Lucas denies knowing what he's talking about. Holmes recaps the episode so far and suggests that Lucas used the sound equipment to disguise his voice. A blonde named Amy asks if everything's okay, and Lucas tells her to turn off the intercom. Holmes says he's angry and asks what identity he created to monitor Samantha. Lucas says her death was tragic, although maybe it was a blessing in disguise: "What if the truth was much, much worse?" Holmes punches him and leaves.

Gregson's office. Lucas's lawyer isn't pressing charges, but there's a restraining order coming against Holmes and Watson going anywhere near him. Holmes admits that's a good idea. Gregson objects to Holmes talking about the investigation and case as though it were his alone. Holmes admits that attacking Bundsch was an impulse rather than the coldly analytical action he likes to pretend he engages in all the time. Gregson sums up: "He was baiting you, and you fell for it." So all the evidence he's found so far is unusable. This is fine, because I don't think he's found all that much. Holmes says, "What I owe you beyond an apology is an airtight case against Lucas Bundsch." That's not what interests Gregson: "You are off the case. That is final."

Brownstone. Holmes sits by the fire with his hand in ice water. Watson checks his knuckles and says he broke his finger. Holmes asks, "Did I?" He doesn't seem that interested. Holmes admits that punching Bundsch was a miscalculation, but he mocks the idea of showing Bundsch courtesy, because he sees the problem as being just that he endangered the investigation. His phone bleeps with a text: "14-28 Humboldt. No rush .The police are already there." It's from the number that framed them. Bundsch is really going out of his way to help Holmes and Watson catch him!

When they arrive at the scene, Bell's already there. Jenna Lombard has been snatched. Holmes shows Bell the text that sent them there. But if this is a Bundsch case, they can't be here. Holmes eyes a purse and suddenly accepts the ruling. He leads Watson out because he got Jenna's hairbrush. He's decided that Samantha had the right idea; he's going to frame Bundsch.

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