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The Case of the Obvious Murderer

Holmes comes home. The family of Denies Todd has never heard of or seen Lucas Bundsch. He speculates on the possibility of Bundsch having some sort of lair, but they can't watch him now that he's been tipped off. He asks why Watson wanted to work apart (that's why he was surprised at her decision), and also why she resents him attacking Coventry. The answer is that she found a note at the station. It's a crude cartoon of Holmes and Watson peeing on a police badge. She blames Holmes' winding up of Coventry for Lucas coming to their home. The police he constantly scolds are, in fact, their colleagues and by being rude, he causes them actual problems. She asks him, "What does it cost us to tread lightly?" Holmes talks about how Allie's killer was acting out of a dark passion, and how Samantha sacrificed her life to stop him. And he foiled that act, which means he is personally invested in this case. That doesn't really answer her question about why he has to be a jerk to people just because he considers them his intellectual inferiors. Now, back to the case: Watson gets a call from Tim Spalding. He was on his Online Survivors' Group and someone named Cynthia Tilden recognized the name Lucas Bundsch. Her daughter Bonnie disappeared eight years earlier and she was dating Lucas at the time!

Now Holmes is on the phone with Cynthia Tilden as he looks at a picture of her on her website devoted to Bonnie's case. He won't commit to being sure Lucas killed these women, but he sounds pretty sure. Bonnie was a teacher's aide who was going home late. There was a sign of a struggle at her car, and when she was found, the police said she'd been held for eleven or twelve days. Cynthia says, "Now I wonder if he had her up at his parents' home at Oneida Lake." Aha! A possible lair! And the parents are dead. Holmes wants to call the police in Onondaga County, and Cynthia immediately identifies the sheriff as Dale, a family friend. She'll meet them and bring the sheriff.

Holmes and Watson hang out at a gas station. Cynthia is late, which seems unlikely since you'd think this would be a priority for her. Holmes calls her and gets this answer: "Tilden residence. Lucas Bundsch speaking." Heavens. He gives Holmes ten minutes to get over there. They call 911 and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office.

They get to Cynthia's house and Holmes rushes past the Sheriff. Cynthia's fine, but she's not the person they talked to and she doesn't have any kids. She'd like to know what this is all about. Holmes realizes, "We've been duped."

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