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The Case of the Obvious Murderer

In the police hallway, Holmes tells Bell and Watson that Lucas Bundsch may well be a serial killer.

At Gregson's office, Holmes tells Gregson that Lucas didn't shoot Samantha, because she clearly framed him. But Samantha was correct (in Holmes's opinion) that he killed Allie, because his mandibular action during the polygraph suggested he was biting his tongue during the control questions. Gregson casts doubt on Holmes's lie-detecting skills, so Holmes adds that Bundsch had antiperspirant on his hands, suggesting he was planning ahead to beat a lie detector. Gregson has them bring in Detective Coventry, the officer who worked the Allie Wabash case, to see what he has to say on the subject.

Coventry is played by Chris Bauer, who you might know as either Frank Sobotka or Andy Bellefleur. Or he was on Third Watch, I guess. He says they looked very carefully at Lucas Bundsch as a suspect for the murder of Allie Wabash because Samantha made them. Six months ago, Bundsch was a part-time mover who Samantha saw near Allie's apartment, so she decided he must have abducted Allie. But Allie left a voice mail the next day before showing up in a dumpster a week later. And she was caught on a traffic camera making the call. Holmes suggests Coventry doesn't know what he's doing while administering a polygraph, and Coventry stands up to leave. Holmes chases after him to demand all his "incomplete and foggy" memories of his investigation. Coventry gets angry and leaves. Gregson tells Watson and Holmes they can work the case, but to leave Coventry alone.

At the Brownstone, Watson studies the traffic camera footage while Holmes gets angry at Coventry's files. Watson thinks Holmes was too hard on Coventry because she does not think possibly failing to notice some mandibular action constitutes prima facie evidence of incompetence. And she's noticed something odd in the footage of Annie walking to a pay phone. Surprisingly, it's not the existence of a pay phone in 2013. Instead, she's wearing Uggs. In July. And is she walking like she sprained her ankle? Holmes doesn't think she has a sprained ankle and instead suggests that maybe there's a bomb in her shoe. The dumpster where she was found also held some gray fondant and an alarm clock which he suggests was used to make a fake bomb. There's a knock on the door, and Watson calls Holmes over. Lucas Bundsch is at the door. That's odd! As Lucas says Detective Coventry came to talk to him, Holmes stealthily grabs an icepick or something. He cheerfully asks Lucas in while keeping his stabbing implements hidden.

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