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The Case of the Obvious Murderer
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A woman stands on a bridge at night. She looks like she's going to be jumping over the edge, but she takes a gun out of a bag and then throws the bag over the edge. She then lowers a dumbbell down toward the water. The dumbbell is attached to a wire, which is connected to the trigger of a pistol. She holds the pistol in front of her face, and the weight of the dumbbell pulls the trigger so she gets shot in the forehead and the pistol is pulled into the water below. She has the complicated-murder instincts of someone who's found dead in a locked room in a mystery novel from the 1930s.

Once it's daytime, Holmes and Watson get there and Holmes shouts at the police for moving the traffic cones. Gregson says the dead girl is Samantha Wabash. Before she died, she called 911 and said she was being followed by Lucas Bundsch, who owns a recording studio (irrelevant) and a .38 caliber revolver (more relevant). So they're pretty sure Bundsch is the killer. Samantha believed that Bundsch killed her sister, but he was never convicted. Holmes and Watson investigate Samantha's corpse, and Holmes stands where she was up against the railing. Gregson describes how much she'd been harassing Lucas, and Holmes announces that it's a suicide. His proof is that from the way she fell, she'd been standing two feet from the railing, which would mean the murderer would have to be basically nose-to-nose with her. Holmes also spots the scratches made by the wire, so he declares, "Drag the river beneath this spot, you'll find the weapon." Gregson is skeptical. Then he gets a call and says he's bringing Holmes and Watson to Bundsch's polygraph test.

Lucas Bundsch is hooked up to the polygraph in the interrogation chamber. Holmes and Watson are watching through the one-way mirror, although Holmes says this will be as boring as an evening of Trivial Pursuit. That surprises me, because I would have thought Holmes would enjoy a good game of Trivial Pursuit. It combines two things he likes very much: showing off how much he knows and beating people. Bundsch answers some standard questions, including "Did you murder Samantha Wabash?" and says his place was burglarized recently so his gun was stolen. Holmes seems very interested in his claim to have been mixing a record until 4 am. Someone comes in to say Bundsch is free to go because the gun was found, validating Holmes's suicide theory. Holmes rushes in to ask Bundsch if he killed Allie Wabash. The answer is no. Holmes shakes Lucas's hand.

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