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We're still following the Bell-got-shot storyline, which pleases me. I was a little afraid they were just writing Bell off the show for a while, which would be a shame. Bell is stuck at a desk doing paperwork, although he's trembling too much to do it properly. Watson brings him some food, and he's able to be a little polite to her, although he's really, really unhappy. He doesn't consider paperwork to be actual police work. Watson suggests that he talk to someone, but he'd prefer to talk less. He thanks her for the food in a way that makes it clear he'd like her to leave, so she does.

Elsewhere, Holmes carefully breaks into a car while his pal Alfredo (the car thief who's also his sponsor) gives him advice about the proximity sensor. I like Alfredo, but we haven't seen him in a long time and they could probably have done more to reintroduce him. Whatever happened to the fine art of clumsy exposition? The alarm goes off, and Holmes kicks the door in frustration. This annoys Alfredo, because it's an expensive car. Holmes claims the system is impregnable, but Alfredo has done it ten times today. Holmes denies that he's distracted by Bell's injury because he's decided he was in the right and anyway this is completely irrelevant to the Bell situation. He's very defensive, and it's pretty great. He asks why his concentration would be affected by this issue. Alfredo suggests that Holmes come to a meeting, but he's not into it. I feel like he doesn't want to admit he has a weakness. He throws the tools away in frustration.

In a fancy apartment we've never seen before, the television news announces that Donald Hauser has been running a pyramid scheme. The man watching the television is Hauser himself. The salient points are that the story was broken by Rosalie Nunez and that Hauser might be going to jail for the rest of his life. He reaches in a drawer, takes out a gun, and puts it in his mouth. Then he falls to the ground because he's been shot in the leg. And now the other leg. We don't see the man who did it. Hauser says he was just about to kill himself, and says that what's done is done. That's what the mysterious gunman wants to talk about.

A woman comes into the apartment. Hauser is tied to the chair and has a wound in his chest. The word "THIEF" is written on the wall in blood, in very neat handwriting. I suspect it's not that easy to use blood as paint without making a huge mess and also without leaving a bunch of your own DNA around the place as evidence, but maybe the killer has a lot of experience.

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