Déjà Vu All Over Again

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We start "Six Months Ago," according to the onscreen caption. There's someone playing a violin in a subway station, but we pan away from him. A woman is tapped on the shoulder and given some flowers by a man wearing a hood. She's standing very close to the ledge where you wait for the train. She tells someone on the phone that she was just given a dozen roses, and that it's been a lousy week. Then the train comes and the guy in the hood finally pushes her in front of it. I mean it's not that I was rooting for her death, but it was pretty clear where this was going.

Now Watson is out at dinner with a few friends. Did you know Watson had friends? Well, she does. They agree that she's going to a birthday party tomorrow at 2:00 PM. (Which I mention because details are important). She's a little defensive about how being a Sober Companion is a valid career, and everyone praises her for helping people even after she stopped being a doctor. Her phone rings and she says it's a rehab facility with a possible referral. A Dr. Caruso has sent her a case file. The patient is getting out of Hemdale on Monday. Watson flips through the case file and asks, "What kind of name is Sherlock?" And now I have to go back and read what it says about him. I didn't realize this scene was also six months ago! I guess I should have because the scene started with a television at the restaurant running a news story about the woman at the subway.

Okay. I have gone back to investigate the case file on Mr. Sherlock Holmes. It says he's very smart, and also very addicted to heroin. His prognosis was quite good, although he was advised to take on a sobriety companion, since he would benefit from "regular interpersonal interaction." He's supposed to attend regular meetings, and the companion should make it happen. It would also get him out and help fight his clinical depression, which he refuses to take medication for. That was mildly interesting. I'm a little concerned that the phrase appears to be "sobriety companion," because "sober companion" is what everyone actually says.

Back to modern day. Watson breaks into a sports car, setting off its alarm. She tries to hotwire it but the car alarm keeps blaring and breaks her concentration. We see that the car is also occupied by Alfredo, Holmes's sponsor. That guy's awesome! I'm glad he came back because it was looking like the show had forgotten about his existence. He's teaching Watson to steal cars since Holmes feels it's an important detective skill. And every hour he spends with Watson, he gets two with Holmes, so it's sort of relevant to being a sponsor. She gets a text from Holmes telling her to end the scene and go home.

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